shower chair

  1. T

    Where to Go From Here

    Hello. My husband was diagnosed ALS May 24, 2018 at age 43. It all began in April 2017 when he began having difficulty clipping his nails, left hand onset first. From there it was over a year of testing, specialist, etc, which is the only normal thing I guess about this disease; difficult to...
  2. kitkat

    Exhausted & Feeling Guilty

    I am so exhausted. We have home health aids taking care of my PALS on weekdays as I still work full time. He has no use of his arms & legs. I get home about 5:15, just in time to help Steve use his urinal. Then I use the lift to get him out of his hospital bed & transfer him to his wheelchair so...
  3. S

    Ocean VIP Tilt Shower Chair/Commode Question

    My husband and I recently renovated our bathroom and have the toilet set at 19 inches, which I think may be too low for him. We purchased the Ocean VIP Tilt shower chair and commode, and I’m wondering, do any of you have experience with it? Is it easy to use the toilet if you roll the chair over...
  4. L

    Equipment rental in Orlando

    Has anyone used Orlando Medical Rentals ? Needing to rent a lift and rolling shower chair for vacation . Any help gratefully received .
  5. R

    Hoyer lift sling to standing position?

    Has anyone used a Hoyer lift sling to standing position?. We have a Hoyer lift, but sling is designed for sitting position. I am 280 pounds, and can "walk" with walker, but on days when caregiver is not here, my wife is not strong enough to get standing from shower chair. Once I am up, I can...
  6. Chincoteaguer

    Medicare says shower is a luxury.

    Just learned from our ALS clinic that a shower wheel chair is not covered by Medicare. My supplemental insurance only covers items that Medicare covers. Rule says shower chair is a luxury item thus not covered. Both Medicaid and many private insurance companies cover the shower chair...
  7. L

    Neck support question

    When a PALS needs extra neck support what is available beyond an attachment on the PWC? I mean when they are not in the PWC, like when taking a shower in a shower chair or during transfers with a lift.
  8. C

    Hello – new member, diagnosed 2011

    Hello Everyone, Although I have had ALS over five years, I am a new member to this forum and would like to introduce myself. I was diagnosed back in February 2011. Physically, from the chin up, I am doing well. I can still speak – albeit softly – and eat which I am very grateful for. South of...
  9. Buckhorn

    Transitional bathing/showering strategies. What has worked for you?

    My husband/PALS can still stand and step up over the 3" lip/ledge into our 1st floor shower with my assistance, multiple safety bars and use of a shower chair. It is becoming more and more tiring to him, and less safe for both of us. We had the bathroom door widened and the shower stall and...
  10. B

    Putting casters on my shower chair

    Not that mechanically minded outside cars. I have a very nice padded shower chair with a back and handles. But just has rubber feet. My wife can barely get me back in my wheelchair. Only about 5 steps but feels like 50. Anyone know how to put casters/wheels on the shower chair? Vince