shower buddy

  1. Chincoteaguer

    Medicare says shower is a luxury.

    Just learned from our ALS clinic that a shower wheel chair is not covered by Medicare. My supplemental insurance only covers items that Medicare covers. Rule says shower chair is a luxury item thus not covered. Both Medicaid and many private insurance companies cover the shower chair...
  2. S

    Bathroom accomodations

    So frustrating.... We are looking to enlarge our shower opening to 32" and remove the 6" threshold. The guy that build the shower came by tonight. Unless we completely start over and jack hammer the foundation, we can not remove the threshold. The shower floor is higher than the bathroom...
  3. lgelb

    Still have ShowerBuddy SB1

    For showers that are not roll-in (have a threshold). Track, chair, neckrest, bucket, gel overlay. Can be used for PALS of all heights and weights (adjustable). Now asking $300, <one-tenth of retail value.