1. P

    Tobii Dynavox I-15+ Eye Gaze Tracking SGD Communicator 5

    Tobii Dynavox I-15+ Eye Gaze Tracking SGD Communicator 5 for sale. Tobii Dynavox I-15+ is large screen, eye controlled speech generating device. It’s rugged design, unparalleled power management, support for touch and gaze input are just a few of the things that make the I-15+ ideal for those...
  2. P


    In April of 2014 the Center for Medicare Services changed their rules concerning Speech Generating Devices. In essence the change states that SGD's could only be used for speech even if that device was internet capable. I got my device in July 2014 but because of this law Medicare would not...
  3. H

    SGD, Tobi vs. Accent 1400 from PRC..Anyone Using These?

    Hi Al, Recently I had a presentation at the U of A Speech clinic on the SGD for thr Tobi Dynovox and the Accent 1400. I can still speak but its getting more difficult to do so and to understand me. I need to make a decision between these two units in the next couple days. I did well with...
  4. B

    First Clinic Visit

    I have my first ALS Clinic visit on Thursday. Was wondering if any of you might share what to expect? I understand there will be multiple providers that will be "looking" me over. Should I expect my first FVC test and blood tests since I'm taking Riluzole? Will they "stage" me, for lack of a...
  5. Nikki J

    The battle is not over for SGD

    The news that medicare had reconsidered its policy on internet access for SGDs is only a reprieve. There is a comment page that all US members need to comment on and get your family and friends to do it too. The issues as you know The new rule disallowed devices with the capability of internet...
  6. P


    The centers for Medicare has decided to open speach generating devices for PALS. What great news. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Rescinds SGD Coverage Reminder - The ALS Association
  7. Atsugi

    SGD's unlocked!

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has instructed contractors to rescind the "coverage reminder" that would prohibit people with ALS from unlocking Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) and accessing other technologies such as email and the internet. This is great news!
  8. MaxEidswick

    Urgent! Deadline 8/27

    Only 48 Hours Left to Help Save SGD Coverage Dear Max, We need your help to preserve Medicare coverage for speech generating devices (SGDs) and related eye-tracking technologies that enable people with ALS to utilize SGDs. Please contact your Senators and Representatives today and ask that...
  9. K

    Air Mattress

    Hello, My mum has been having a few pressure sores, despite many measures we had taken. She's lying in her bed more than sitting on her chair now, so I thought of getting her an air mattress to lay over her hospital bed mattress. I've seen quite a few models sold locally, but the price range...