1. B

    Another Dog Video - "Musical Mutt""

    CAUTION: If movement causes seizures, don't watch, shut your eyes and listen. *Applause to Gabe the Dog. B :cool:
  2. F


    Hello, I have a question about my condition - I have quite a lot of fasciculations (thighs, calves, shoulders, hands, face, chest, back, little "feelable jolts" time to time on tongue, sometimes even inside of my ear - drum and sometimes I can see flickering in my eyes similar that I see...
  3. A

    Hi all

    I've been lurking this site for 2 months. I have read the sticky multiple times. I've read a lot of posts. I just wanted to post to get your opinions. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant. In early December, I started getting this twitch in my right index finger. I would notice it while I was holding...
  4. R

    PLS and Convulsions

    Hi All, I've been lurking here for some time now and have decided to share what I've been going through. I was diagnosed a year ago after close to four years of the usual tests to eliminate other diseases. I am on 40mg of Baclofen a day which seems to be a good dose to somewhat control...
  5. G

    Please help family with als and think i have it!!!

    First off i have no writing skills and low budget fingers dont work like they should. History great grandma had als didn't realy rember that grandmother passed of als 6 years or so ago ive seen 9 drs. In the last 10 months and all my problems started about 2 years ago severe cramping in right...
  6. A

    Multiple System Atrophy/Prossessive Atrophy.

    I guess I am still looking for answers. It seems every Dr. Visit leads to more questions instead if answers. My Dr. Is wonderful and caring, but she has a terrible habit of walking out of the room talking to her self or the nurses and not really explaining to me what's going on. But from what...
  7. Mediasmart

    Non-VA Benefits?

    My wife and I are both over 65 and take SS. We also care for her mother, 95 and Parkinsons, and lives with us. My wife has developed seizures in the last two months and is not well, pretty much confined to the house as these seizures render her unresponsive for as much as 3 hours. I am still...
  8. G

    18 year old concerned about ALS

    Hi all so I have been pretty concerned about having ALS. Here's my situation. Back in October I started getting muscle twitches. They started all over and were very abrupt(they still are). About a month later I was concerned so I saw a neurologist and had an EMG done that came back clean. About...
  9. Graybeard

    Charlotte's Web

    Anybody else signed up for Charlotte's Web CBD products? I'm on the short list, I believe. It's miraculous with seizures. Dunno what it will do for a PALS. Realm of Caring: theroc dot us
  10. J

    It's me again.......

    Well, it's been a long time since I was here. For the ones that don't remember, I was having dizziness, twitching and problems with swallowing. Then I started having muscle cramps with some odd weakness feelings. Even some shortness of breath! Everyone scolded me good about going to a neuro and...