1. K

    wait five years after all

    I have been twitching since December 2016 without further symptoms. I've read that after about 1.5 years you can usually be safe. But then I found this article on the net. Now I am a bit insecure again. (see link below)...
  2. Kristina1

    more secure seatbelt?

    When I'm belted in in the car, my body falls forward whenever he breaks or accelerates, even when he isn't doing it hard. Does anyone know of an adaptive seatbelt to help with this?
  3. L

    New set of wheels

    Just got this new PWC yesterday for Eileen. It is a new model that just came out last month. Wish it had been available 6 months ago. Anyway, the front wheels are NOT casters so there is no secondary motion caused by the casters flipping direction. So, movement is smoother. Also, the...
  4. R

    Steve Gleason Act - Action Needed

    For those in US... please bombard elected officials since this may go up for vote soon. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. A

    ALS or something else?

    Hello everyone! My English is not brilliant but I shall do my best to make me undertand:) . Already a bit more than a 2 month( actually I think it s takes much longer but less obvious) I have problems with my left leg and hand: some kind of weakness, keep loosing little things from my left...
  6. M

    Mom insecure about her speech

    Hi guys. This one might be difficult to answer as it's more a mental thing, but I cannot convince my mom that her having to use an iPad to communicate is fine and normal. She's so insecure about being in public with it. Some back story: mom recently diagnosed/confirmed ALS in October. She...
  7. swalker

    Things I have learned about EZLock

    We all need some way to secure our wheelchairs in our wheelchair conveyance (minivan, full sized van, etc.). For most of us, that seems to boil down to either a system that straps the wheelchair in (such as QStraint) or one that automatically locks the wheelchair in place (such as the EZlock)...
  8. G

    PEG tube holder

    Hi all, my first forum post... just joined today. I had a PEG tube installed while undergoing throat cancer treatment. No ALS, but this appears to be the most vigorous PEG tube forum I found. Anyway, after the initial surgical pain had subsided (about 1.5 weeks), I was bothered by the weight...
  9. M

    Is this a possible symptom or sign of ALS?

    Several years ago, my right hand began cramping and would go all claw-like intermittently during physical exertion, like canoeing, but I didn't think it was significant because so infrequent. Beginning several months ago, the palm on same hand would noticeably cramp and twitch without...
  10. D

    Need your opinion please

    Hey guys! I'm sorry for posting this message. I know you all have your own things to worry about and I respect you guys the utmost, so I'll try to keep this brief. I am 22 year old asian male student, who has some weird symptoms over the past few months. It actually started out a year ago...