1. S

    Sad when I should be smiling

    With the 1 year anniversary past without to much sadness and My Son getting called back to his job and My Daughter getting into every college she applied to with many scholarship offers I feel like I was in a decent place. My new G/F is wonderful understanding and loving to the 3 of us.. My...
  2. W

    Scholarships for PALS' Teenage & college-aged children

    I'm not sure which forum to put this in but on a forum on reddit a young man whose father passed away from ALS was bringing his family's scholarship fund to everyone's attention. There will be 6 $2,500 scholarships given to students who were/are in high school or college when their parents...
  3. W

    20 Years Old. Worried.

    Ever since I saw the ice bucket challenge on YouTube I've been traumatized about the disease. My mind would tell me that every time I would feel weak or have trouble doing something, I would be coming down with early symptoms for ALS. I'm 20 years old, on a tennis scholarship in the states and...
  4. 1


    There are scholarships out there for children or family members of PALS and deceased PALS. I'm just recommending that if you apply and send in all the necessary paperwork, you should also follow up regarding their decisions or appropriations. The various organizations have staff turnover and...
  5. SixthKid

    Father's Day...a little rant a little rave

    Sunday, Father's Day~how bittersweet it will be for me. Rant: Missing my Dad tremendously, I haven't yet really mourned him & I feel like I need him now more than ever. Too much personal stuff going on & could use his advice. Rave: My oldest is graduating from high school on Father's Day. I...
  6. C

    Merfeld Family Foundation College Scholarships for Children of Parents with ALS

    Merfeld Family Foundation college scholarship application deadline is January 6, 2012 at Ventura County Community Foundation. Four (4) $2,500 awards will be made for Fall Term of 2012. Current college enrollees and high school seniors planning on attending college are eligible. Must have a...
  7. Miss

    This was the man I married.

    Joseph Terry McGowan Welcome Everyone. I am David McGowan, one of Terry’s brothers. On behalf of Missy and the entire McGowan family, thank you so much for being here today. Let me begin by suggesting to you that this is NOT a somber occasion. Rather this is the time – the moment – to...
  8. B

    Scholarship for immediate family members of pALS

    For Missouri family members that are or have been affected by ALS: Scholarship established for ALS family members Rascals Foundation | ALS Facts |
  9. Al

    Help ALS Ontario Paralyze Poverty--Need help again

    Subject: Vote Today. Make a Difference! Thank you for helping get Paralyzing Poverty to the semi-finals! To date, we are number 20 in the competition but we still need your vote every day to win $500,000 for ALS Ontario’s equipment program and new scholarship fund. We need to make Top 10 to...
  10. D

    Dad passed away peacefully

    Dad died peacefully two weeks ago. I thought I was done mourning, but now I can't seem to work well at work and feel like I don't know where to start life again. I spent days and months making lifts, ramps, and gadgets so that my dad could keep living life. And now it's over. I was prepared...