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    Please help me Im going nuts with fear

    I have drop foot started 2 weeks ago had a normal mri and nerve conduction test and emg. But Im going crazy thinking I have ALS cause now I have all these symtoms my legs age twitching i feel shaky and my foot is numb the Neurologist said is peroneal neropathy. Please can symtoms come on this fast.
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    Possible diagnosis

    Hello to all lovely people here. Firstly, I want to apologise in advance for my not so perfect english, it is not my first,nor my second language but I will try to be as clear as possible. For 2 months I have hestitated to post on here because I didn't want to intrude before someone actually...
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    Coughing Suggestions...

    :confused: Hello All, I am a caregiver for a close friend with ALS. We are late in the stages of it, and it really seems to be moving quickly. New things every day... My PALS is home with close friends spread around the clock to assist with the ability to stay home. The atrophy is really...
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    Im Scared I have ALS

    Im a 20 year old male 4 days ago I started having rapid muscle twitches in my lower left thigh. I noticed by tricep twitching a few times as well as my other thigh but not nearly as much as my lower left thigh towards my knee The past few days it was non stop all day Today it was still...
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    being admitted

    My dad has been at the hospital all day due to constipation and now nausea. They need a cat scan of his lungs and the doc told my mom it looks like pneminoa, but very little and they are going to start him on antibiotics and do cultures to make sure that's what it is. Those will take a couple of...
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    Scared. Can we "feel" als?

    So, I'm a 24years old girl. 3 months ago I started to feel my right hand a bit strange, difficult to close and to open bottles... it seemed frozen! For some time this feeling disappeared intermittently. Now, I feel my right leg very heavy... I walk just a few meters and start to get difficult...