1. J

    ALS worry

    Hello everyone. About two months ago I began having aome balance/coordination issues with my right leg. It started aching, pins needles, stiffness. Sometimes it's hard to walk on it. I feel so unbalanced when walking. On occasion i'll get cramping in my left leg. I can see muscle twitching in...
  2. A

    I call it early retirement and beyond..

    Hi Everyone out there, This is the first ever forum for me so I'm learning as I go. I truly wish it wasn't but that's what we've been dealt. My husband of 20 years is only 54 and was diagnosed in May this year. We had the second opinion of course with UCI of Urvine in Ca, the best in there...
  3. zoohouse

    Murphy Lives here

    So, I am positive that Murphy live at our house, because if anything strange can happen it will. Lets start at last Saturday, Timothy's son's wedding day in Texas. Obviously Tim was unable to attend in person as we live 2000 miles away, but we did attend by Skype. This is very fitting as that...
  4. B

    Do i have ALS

    It started in 3/25/14 i was at work and my heart started racing for no reason i tried to settle down but my heart would not stop palpitating so i went to the emergency room. They told me i a had a panic attack. So i went home and ended up back in the ER 3 times within two week because of the...
  5. swalker

    Learning Lessons the Hard Way

    I managed to become entrapped in another adventure today. I don't see how my wife ever puts up with me:) It started with a nice sunny day and my newly repair wheelchair sitting there with a full charge. What could possibly go wrong? I left the house and wheeled toward Vail, which is about 7...
  6. S

    Strange Symptoms and Need Advice

    I'm a 40 year old female with a past history of cancer when I was 26. Several weeks ago I started to notice that my arm and leg muscles felt tired, didn't think much of it as I do have mal-absorption issues from my past surgery. About a week and a half ago I got neck pain and stiffness a few...