1. S

    roho or gel?

    I was just wondering which power chair cushion is the best in everyone's opinion - roho or gel. The gel on my husband's loaner makes him pretty sweaty. We had ordered gel for his new powerchair, but are wondering if we should make a call and have it changed to the roho. Basically looking for...
  2. W

    Quantum 6000 Motorized Wheel Chair for sale

    1 yr old wheel chair with power tilt / power recline, Headrest, Roho air inflatable seat cushion, swing-away/elevating leg rests, foot platform, Q logic controller with rear controller, and many other features. $24K new, asking $5k OBO
  3. candd

    Need help with wheelchair purchase

    I am in the process of purchasing a wheelchair and have narrowed it down to two choices. Any pros or cons on the following two types of chairs would be greatly appreciated... Invacare TDX and Permobile. I am looking at high backs for both as well as the ROHO seat. TDX has mid wheel drive and...
  4. L

    ROHO cushion for recliner chair

    Hi all… I have a large ROHO cushion to offer to a PALS in need for the price of postage. It is the one item that allowed my husband Shannon to live in his recliner chair comfortably as he wanted. We bought it at and he used it 24 hrs/day for a little more than a year but it is...
  5. T

    Roho Back

    I was wondering if anyone has a Roho back for sale. LB has the seat but could really benefit from a back cushion also. Thanks, terri