1. D


    My understanding of Neudexta is that the dextromethorphan is what helps PBA. If dextromethorphan is the active ingredient in Neudexta, and quinidine is only there to slow the metabolism of the DM, shouldn't any sustained release form of DM be helpful? Quinidine interacts with other meds that can...
  2. Kristina1

    spastic gait, walking on forefoot/toes

    The main reason I use a walker at home, wheelchair out is my spastic gait makes walking very difficult and a huge fall risk. My spasticity is such that I can't put my heels down when I walk, I walk on the front of my feet, almost on my toes, and put my weight on the outer sides of my feet. At...
  3. C

    Strange ongoing Symptoms help if possible appreciated thanks

    In advance i would to say the people giving help on here is very generous depending you go out of your way to help people with their own concerns. If anyone can be of help that be great. Firstly (i know people probably are going to tell me the risk is incredibly low as it is due to this but...
  4. M

    A delayed introduction

    Hello All, I want to first say thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have avoided posting here for about 1 year but due to changes recently I have decided, still with some hesitation, to post. I was going to write more of my history but I do not want to take up your time any more...
  5. E

    Vertigoo / Dizziness

    Hello everyone, Lately, my father has been having short episodes of dizziness and vertigo. He literally says that his head "goes away." Today he was shaving, standing alone, in front of the mirror, and almost fell because he got dizzy. The weird thing is that he can walk for a mile with a cane...
  6. D

    Could Familial ALS be eliminated?

    One of my daughter’s first child had Cystic Fibrosis, which is a genetically passed condition. So they could have additional children with NO risk of CF they elected to have In vitro fertilization for the next children. Embryos were created and tested and only CF free embryos were frozen. IT...
  7. S

    Unsure how to approach symptoms

    Hello guys, I need some help here. I'll try to keep this as short as possible and before I start I will say that I've read the sticky. I'm a 25 year old male and for the last 11+ months I've been experiencing some really awful symptoms that (with some direction from my GP) has pointed me in the...
  8. M

    Husband is at a low risk for ALS

    My husband started out with a weird sensation in the middle of his back with mild pain starting around August. He also started to get numbness and tingling all down the left side of his body. He had 3 MRI’s done and there weren’t any lesions (he was being tested for MS) but did show a very small...
  9. KimT

    Hemorrhoid Banding Procedure - CALS/PALS

    OK, This has been going on for over a year and I vowed to take care of my teeth first, then PT for my knee and torn rotator cuff. Has anyone had experience with removing internal hemorrhoids via banding them off and letting them die and fall off? It doesn't matter if you're a PALS or CALS. I...
  10. D

    Help/advice about symptoms please!

    Hi everyone. I have read through so many threads before joining and I think this board is a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air from all of the scary stuff on google. I’d love it if you could offer advice on my symptoms, which seem a bit quirky to me. Any feedback is greatly...

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