1. T

    Steroids and ALS

    Hello all, I'm new the forum, but my mom posts on here (NHAMM) My grandmother was diagnosed with PBP onset ALS about 1-2 months ago, but we believe she has been suffering since last summer. I'll give a brief story. It started with her speech, wasn't bad, but you could just tell it was different...
  2. indigosd


    Global Lou Gehrig's Disease Market to Exceed $207 Million by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Buzz up! 0 votes Send Share Print Related Quotes^DJI 10,918.45 +82.30 ^GSPC 1,175.29 +7.57 ^IXIC 2,420.67 +21.91 Wed Mar 24, 11:00 am ET GIA announces the...
  3. Tom's Support


    Tom is still complaining of dizziness. The only medication he is on is Rilutek, but he smokes like a chimney and drinks beer like a fish out of water. (Not as much as he used to, but still more than a casual drinker would) So-- I don't want to assume that he is dizzy from smoking with less...
  4. K

    Foul Smell?

    In speaking with my Mom she was telling me that both she and my Dad are smelling this sour - rotting flesh smell coming from him - no matter how much he showers. He's not really lost any weight - but I was thinking it possibly could be his meds? I'm not even sure what he's taking outside of...
  5. Blubear

    Theanine Supplements - have you tried it

    Hi All! I was doing my usual looking on the web and came across the supplement Theanine and read that it lowers glutamate activity in the brain, (because it does cross the brain barrier) and it balances glutathione levels in your body. Seems like a natural form and less expensive form of...
  6. M

    Do Rilutek side effects disappear?

    Rilutek was prescribed for a friend in the UK who is newly (2 months) diagnosed with ALS. He took it for a few days, but felt so "weird", rather dizzy and nauseous, that he stopped taking it. His doctor insisted that he start again, which he has done, but he complains of the same side effects...
  7. L

    severe head pain

    Hi everyone i wonder if you could help me, my mother has MND and is suffering with severe head pain in the right side of head to the back and side she has had it since the middle of the night we have called a Doctor out 2 times today he has checked blood pres, sugar water oxygen temp just about...
  8. K

    Dad in hospital! Ideas?

    I just heard from my mother and sisters that Dad is in their local hospital's ER. There was blood coming out of his PEG, at least 1000ccs. Mom had said that Dad was very lethargic the last day or two so now I realize this must have been because Dad was bleeding internally. Tests run so far...
  9. Just J

    Finally ALS diagnosis

    Well, finally we have diagnosed of PLS. No surprise here but I guess when you finally hear it and its reality it is a bit of a shock to the system. My husband got the diagnosed on Jan 13. The doctor is going to put him on Rilutek b/c his progression has been insanely fast since May of last year...
  10. T

    Big Mike are you still out there?

    Hi Big Mike, trying to get in touch with you. I read a post that you had replied to my posting from a month ago. Are you still taking all your supplements, are they helping? How has your progression been? My mom is the one that I wrote to you about, that is on several supplements and she has...
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