1. M

    Very painful after RIG

    Got my RIG today, have big pain left side of belly. This is where it hurts when I'm gassyl I'm afraid I made it worse by drinking apple juice at hosp.. Maybe constip is a factor? I'm supposed to wait 12 hrs after procedure before eatingl why is that?
  2. M

    RIG vs. PEG

    I'm so confused. The clinic director's order just says, "feeding tube." I want RIG. For some reason, I've been told to drive 90 min each way, to get a CT scan. I'm concerned that this means I'm queued up for PEG. Also, I don't understand why, if I have to get CT, I can't get it locally and...
  3. N

    what to do when...

    My PALS can't sip liquids or eat applesauce to get his pills down? I see him struggle now to suck the fluid through the straw and have asked the palliative nurse how he can take his meds if he can't swallow them this way and she said we just don't give them to him if they don't come in a...
  4. LizF

    When simple stomach tube placement goes bad

    I'll keep this brief for those with reading challenges, feel free to ask questions in the comments if you like. I went into hospital on Dec 18 for a simple PEG placement. The doctor aborted the procedure as the light was not showing through my stomach, giving him a safe "landing site"...
  5. NothingButLove

    In about 6 hours, my wife will have a feeding tube

    In about 6 hours, my wife will have a RIG placed at UCI's radiology suite. What a crazy two months. It all started on August 1st. Here's a brief run down: FVC down to 44% from 87% four months earlier. Doctor prescribes Trilogy. (Thank you Laurie for the settings!) Wife takes vacation with her...
  6. chally

    Feeding tube in different location.

    I am going in for feeding tube at end of the month. After talking with a gastro RN and expressing my concerns about my stomach placement and having a RIG vs PEG she mentioned a tube right into the Jejunum which I understand to be the small intestines. We were talking about this because as I look...
  7. Vincent


    I just got back from Toronto where I spent 3 nights in an exclusive hotel recovering from my latest piercing. Yes, I now have a RIG. Which they insisted on calling a PEG. I'm just using it for meds now, but I thought I'd better get it in while it's still an option. Not a pleasant experience but...
  8. affected


    After a question in the CALS section that I can't answer from experience, I thought I would start a thread and ask here. I am specifically asking those who have had a RIG insertion instead of PEG - can you explain to me how you are able to use your bipap face mask during the procedure, since...
  9. azwxman

    it's in

    Got my PEG (technically a RIG) put in on Thursday last. More pain than I expected but it's no longer hurting too bad. My question: is it normal to be able to smell my stomach contents? It's kind of disgusting to me...def not enjoying that.
  10. D

    PEG/RIG Question

    My hospital want me to have a RIG fitted. The procedure sounds horrific. My question is, How out of it are you when sedated? Do you care whats happening or are you still scared?