1. P

    Respiratory Onset ALS

    As a CAL, I recently joined the forum. I am wondering if there are any folks out there with respiratory onset ALS? If so, would they like to establish a discussion? It seems to me that there are quite a few different considerations with this form of the disease, as the breath goes first...
  2. Nikki J


    Cytokinetics plans to take Lou Gehrig's disease drug into late-stage study - San Francisco Business Times If you remember this showed some possible respiratory benefit in phase 2 but did not slow decline in ALSFRS scores. And we have been disappointed before when a drug went from phase 2 to 3...
  3. L

    Questions re ALS

    Hello everyone, I'm a 36 year old male and have been experiencing some weird symptoms lately. Around July or August of last year I started having twitching in my eye lids both right and left. I then noticed random twitching in my biceps and legs. Either the twitching went away or I just did...
  4. M

    Emerson Cough Assist CA-3000

    Raraely used and in good condition. Belonged to our son who recently passed. Comes with a box of "cut to fit tubing" (several feet) along with 9 new masks, all with a new filter. Asking $1900 plus shipping. Will deliver for free in the Denver metro area. If not familiar, you will need a...
  5. W

    Dr Google ruined my life: A manifesto (To everyone who thinks they might have it)

    Hello everyone, Some of you might remember me from a few weeks to a month ago. I had/have some progressive issues with twitching in my legs, weakness/pain in my hand and breathing difficulty. This is just a heads up about the dangers of self diagnosis on the internet. No matter who you ask be...
  6. P

    Caregiver guilt round 2

    I am about to begin my second round as a caregiver. My mom is the 3rd of her siblings to experience this ALS monster. I was the caregiver for her sister who passed in 2010. She only lived 10 month after diagnosis. So needless to say I am terrified of walking through this again. But the real...
  7. S

    Weird question

    On death certificates, do they actually put ALSs cause of death or respiratory failure etc?