respiratory onset

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    scared of respiratory onset please read!

    Im 27 years old. I've been having trouble breathing. I feellike there's someone on my chest like I am being smoothered. I easily run out of breath.....I've been quit smoking for a month now in hopes this would all go away. I am always trying to catch my breath. Im really freaked now. Before all...
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    Still having problems R.E Breathing/Throat

    I do have Asthma and I am overweight but I am having more problems. -I get a ache in my chest a lot right in the centre (I have had Chest X-Rays and ECG's done) -I gasp/sigh a lot everyday -I now seem to have hiccups quite often daily but it only last 2-3 seconds. -Also I get quite a lot of...
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    respiratory onset

    Hello, Are there any members on here who have been diagnosed with respiratory onset ALS whom I may communicate with? Thank you, GT
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    What's going on? Respiratory/PBP?

    I need to post here because i am having some more problems. My main issues are my swallowing and my breathing. Just turned 29 two weeks ago. Symptoms. >Feel short of breath a lot of the time. >Chest pains for about a month. >Feel as if something is stuck in my throat. >Occasional Leg cramps...
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    Respiratory Onset?

    Good Evening! I want to start off by saying that I write here with complete respect for eeryone on the forum. I close family friend passed away a few years ago after his battle with ALS (bulbar onset), and I think that may be what has the disease on the fore-front of my mind. I have read the...
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    how is onset classified?

    hi all . . . This might sound like a dumb question but how are the various onset of als classified ? Allow me to try and explain what i am asking . . Lets use me for an example . . I got breathing problems that recently have been joined by and probably over taken by bulbar problems. . So if i...
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    Well, as many of you know from my posts I saw Dr. Mccluskey at Penn ALS clinic. All tests were clean including the emgs on 4 limbs. He told me "you do not have ALS" and I felt like I had been given life itself. However, I have the sleep breathing thing going on and told him of my concern about...
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    Dementia and ALS

    Is there anyone out there with a loved one with dementia and ALS? Anyone with pure respiratory onset ALS?