respiratory onset

  1. C

    ALS Respiratory Onset

    My husband has been having increasing breathing problems and weakening starting a year ago. Any exertion wears him out. After many tests for many issues, nothing has been found. However, 2 EMGs found issues in arm and leg. They say they can't diagnose als without three markers. Maybe it...
  2. B

    Read the sticky, still concerned

    Hi, I'm a 34 y/o male. For about a year now, I've noticed I haven't been able to lift as much as I used to, despite good nutrition and consistent effort. About a month and a half ago, I started experiencing awful fatigue. About a month ago, my legs and arms started having awful tightness...
  3. T

    I am extremely scared!

    So i promised myself I would not post here again but I'm really scared about my breathing issues. So I have widespread fasciculations and breathing problems for 4 months now. I can't take a deep breath and feel short of breath after exercise. I don't have stomach and I feel bloated but I don't...
  4. tripete

    2 Years ago - The End of Days

    Today marks the second anniversary of my first ALS diagnosis. We lived in Northeast Georgia at the time and had traveled home to Pennsylvania for the long Thanksgiving weekend. On Sunday of that weekend we drone form Pennsylvania down to see Dr. Pulley in Jacksonville, Florida for our Monday...
  5. T

    Weird Symptoms

    I posted before because of a hand fasciculating\feeling weird and it persists but still no lack of strength 2 months later so I kinda forgot about it now. But i have another issue now: For 3\4 months now i have trouble breathing deeply for some reason and recently I've had twitches near ribcage...
  6. T

    Running out of air mid sentence

    Hi, Is running out of air mid sentence (like after, lets say 6 words) a sign of bulbar / respiratory onset ALS?
  7. A

    Caregiver for a carer

    Just wondering about what CALS get their care helpers to do. I am so new to this,but we have just received funding for a carer to help out so I can find time to leave the house. I have been so attached to primary caring for my husband that I know it is going to be a task to actually leave and...
  8. tripete

    Questions; Lunasin and Dr. Bedlack (Duke)

    Since shortly after my diagnosis I feel that I have done a good job at accepting the terminal and destructive nature of this illness, stoic has been used to describe my acceptance of it. Recently there have been many post about the effectiveness of Lunasin in reversing the effects of this...
  9. tripete

    Collapsible Power Chair

    At clinic yesterday it was decided that I need to have a chair ordered. As many of you know I had bought a cheap collapsible power chair on Craigslist and had re-designed that battery system to make it so that the batteries could stay on it when folded. I would like one of the new lighter ones...
  10. B

    Invasive mechannical ventilation

    Hi, I am new to the forum but not to MND. I have had MND since I was 21 years old, however my disease was an UMN only disease, unfortunately in the last 4 years it turned into UMN/LMN ALS. I had a very weird onset as it was respiratory onset from the beginning. The first two years I used regular...