respiratory failure

  1. A

    air flow pouring out the mask

    Hi ! I have been recently diagnosed chronic respiratory failure, outcome of diaphragmatic emi-paresis of unknown origin, presumably a neuromuscular one. So far I wish that the illness concerns this muscle only, but who can say ? Being a newbie in noninvasive ventilation, I find demanding to...
  2. S

    Weird question

    On death certificates, do they actually put ALSs cause of death or respiratory failure etc?
  3. S

    Here we go again

    I am new to this forum, but not to ALS. In 2006 my moms youngest sister began experiencing muscle twitches and within 6 months was in a wheelchair and lost her ability to speak. Because she had no insurance or resources she never received a proper diagnosis and passed away 16 months later. And...
  4. N

    Intensive care unit

    My father has been in the ICU for a week now. He was found in acute respiratory failure last Wednesday and since then he's received invasive mechanical ventilation. The doctors here don't have much experience with ALS (that's what they told), especially with this rare ALS form my father...
  5. M

    Respiratory distress

    Hello everyone, We placed my father in the nursing facility last Wednesday. He was getting weaker by the day and losing his ability to walk. He required assistance with all aspects of his life. My parents house was no where near equipped for his care. We found the best place with super...
  6. C

    Undiagnosed MND

    Hi everyone, and thanks for the warm support that I have already received on this forum. I am just looking for support and encouragement as I am feeling really down today. I currently have an Undiagnosed MND that has caused my chest to collapse which has given me severe trouble breathing. It...
  7. G

    My Dad's Passing

    My Dad passed away four months ago from respiratory failure due to ALS. Dad handled his illness with grace, integrity, and courage. From the moment of his diagnosis, which was 11 months before he passed, he never showed any fear nor helplessness mostly because he didn’t want his family to be...
  8. pscheffel

    My Mom...My Heart

    ALS took Mom from us on the evening of December 5th at 54 years of age, in her home with close friends and family by her side. Ultimately respiratory failure. She took her final breath peacefully, thanks to heavy meds. I believe she held on strong to witness her son (my brother) marry his love...
  9. P

    Need BiPAP ventilator

    My sister-in-law diagnosed with MND since last 4 years and hospitalized in india due to respiratory failure, now she needs ventilator support. Does anybody sells or donate a BiPAP ventilator to support.
  10. I

    Hello. I'm new here.

    Hello everyone. I feel a little strange posting this. I've only just joined this forum, although my journey with my husband and ALS ended 3 months ago. Seems a little backward. I guess I'm looking for others who can help me figure out what the hell just happened here. A little background...