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respiratory failure

  1. F

    Dad died

    Doubt anyone reads this things. Just wanted to mention my Dad passed. Came to this forum a few times for a help and it was much appreciated. His ALS moved so quickly we were unable to get him any of the benefits he deserved for being a veteran. I tried my best for my Dad. My heart goes out to...
  2. Buckhorn

    My sweet husband is gone.

    My PALS, husband Dave passed away a week ago, July 4th. It was sudden and I did not expect it. Dave had a history of DVT's, pulmonary embolism, and a heart valve issue, which had been monitored closely by a cardiologist over the years. After Dave's ALS diagnosis, we both felt a heart attack or...
  3. F


    I have not posted in a while, but mom passed on Feb 22 from respiratory failure, she lived 16 months with the disease and what was heartbreaking is that despite us knowing this would happen we did not know it was going to be so soon, from laughing with her on Saturday to seeing her fall sleep on...
  4. O

    Respiratory Failure on Trilogy

    My dad was diagnosed in May last year. Within 3 months he was in a wheelchair and 3 months after that his speech started to go. He is now in the end stage - no speech, no arms/legs, and unable to swallow. His FVC was 24% in January. He had been using the trilogy mask at night, but over the last...
  5. L

    Reversible breathing issues with IVIG in ALS and MG

    Dear PALS, I've had an earlier thread regarding my mother, who's diagnosis is still uncertain. Both Laurie and Karen were very helpful. A short intro: My mother is a very complex case and has shortness of breath, orthopnea, loss of strength in upper arms and some atrophy of the deltoid...
  6. L

    Have I done all I can??

    Hello everyone. This is all very new to me even though I feel as though I am getting a crash course in ALS care. My beautiful mother was diagnosed with ALS in October. She is 77 and lives with me. Her progression has been so fast I am having a hard time keeping up with all she needs. I have...
  7. W

    beginning of respiratory failure?

    I can't handle it... My dad has been coughing for about 2 weeks now. He starts at about 7pm and it continues on until about 2am. It's so difficult for him and the rest of us to sleep. And I just don't know what to do!!! It seems that the reason for his cough is a partial collapse of his left...
  8. D

    New report on California aid in dying law

    According to the Cal Dept. of Public Health, up to 20 ALS patients have taken their own lives under California's "aid in dying" law after six months. I do not oppose the general idea of permitting physicians to assist the suicide of terminally ill patients who would otherwise suffer...
  9. A

    My dad - Respiratory Failure, Multiple organ failure

    After 4 years of fighting this stupid disease, my father in law, is fighting for his life. He currently is in a coma, has Respiratory Failure (was on a bipap prior to this). And now has extremely high blood pressure, high sugar and is experiencing multiple organ failure. we are waiting on the CT...
  10. Erika

    Can having cough cause respiratory failure?

    My mom's cough has gotten her so tired. She is loosing her voice and is getting harder to understand her. She's has 3l laryngospasms in the last hour and a half. She is unable to use the Bipap because of her cough. What is worrying us are her lungs. She is now the one asking my sister to put...

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