1. B

    Panic attacks

    Hi Everyone, Been a while since my last question. Hoping someone can help us out or guide us. My dad is in the late stages of ALS and is now living in a residence and having multiple panic attacks per day. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks and he is being brought back and forth from...
  2. Nikki J

    Informative site

    I can't link it because it has a fundraising section but search alsri. It is not the golf club dot com site. It is the als residence site dot org. There is information beyond als residence initiative. Take a look especially at the link for newly diagnosed
  3. D

    Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    Hi, Folks. I bet you didn't know that Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities provides that a state is required ensure that disabled people have access to adequate support to allow them to remain at home. Specifically, the Convention requires a government to...
  4. butlertl


    Is the VMLI on your primary residence or just a residence? Thanks
  5. Scotiaspirit

    PEG finally inserted but not without complication.

    I've been waiting since September to have Peg surgery finally on February 22nd 2017 it was successfully inserted just to the left of center in an area just below the rib cage Junctions into the abdominal muscles. The first surgeon attempted the surgery on December 8th 2016 and did not complete...
  6. E

    Hello from Edmonton

    Good day everyone, I have joined the ALS society because well it is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. In grade 8 I wrote a paper on woman who asked for the right to die with dignity as this extremely painful degenerative disease took her life. Her story impacted me on so many levels...
  7. H

    Living at Home or Go to Assisted Living?

    After recently moving to AZ and selling my home, I am trying to determine what is best for my permanent residence, move into home or assisted living. I am currently at my brothers home until my mother and we find the best place to go. I know in the future I will need more intensive care and...
  8. B

    Long Term Skilled Nursing Home?

    My dad (80) was just diagnosed by Mayo Clinic, Jax. Mom is 77 and both up until this point have been very fit, healthy and independent. Both have lived in Jax for 20 yrs. and have been patients of Mayo Clinic for many years and really have enjoyed Mayo's healthcare system. They are fortunate...
  9. H

    Wishing you endless peace, Sharon Crump

    This morning I received this email: Dear Family and Friends of Sister Angelis, OCD (Sharon Crump), It is with sorrow that all of us here at St. Joseph Residence, Seattle, Washington, email you to let you know that our dear Sister Angelis, OCD, (Sharon Crump) died suddenly at 7:49 a.m. Monday...
  10. CGARS

    Gleason Speaks to United Nations

    Not sure if anybody has talked about this yet, but what a great guy Steve is! Former Saints player Steve Gleason has told the medical community, “save my voice, my lungs and my thumbs, and I promise to change the world." And Thursday, in his effort to save the ability to communicate for...