1. ShiftKicker

    Racist jokes- contains strong language

    This is in response to the closure of a thread due to a complaint it contained several jokes that were racist in nature. I am going to be straight- I can not abide by racist jokes. A white person using stereotypes about black bodies as a punchline for a joke about sex is not appropriate...
  2. Chincoteaguer

    What's in your universe?

    Science tells us that we might understand about 5% of the universe. And that this knowledge is questionable. This threat is meant as a opportunity for nerds like me to open up thoughts about things that we are told are unknowable. So to start things off and perhaps to agitate many, the...
  3. Green Queen

    Don't read if you aren't "religious"

    Hello lovely people This is my Final Post. I'm moving on. Wayne and I are off to Perth shortly to see a neurologist who specifically deals in stroke. I am extremely fortunate to have an appointment with him. I have been convinced for a while now that my PLS diagnosis is wrong, I really don't...
  4. R

    Losing Faith

    Has anyone lost their fate in god (or the god of your religion) after the diagnosis? I grew up in a Christian house and always believed but since I became ill and all my prays are like doing nothing I am beginning to lose my faith. I know it was not him who put this diseases in our bodies but it...
  5. Green Queen

    Carn the Eagles!

    Today is Grand Final Day...let's have some background. Years ago it was the Victorian football league. Before that I don't know. Over the years other states who play AFL have joined the league, two from New South Wales, two from SA and two from WA. WA is very one eyed when it comes to footy...
  6. B

    Keep Dalvin in your thoughts please

    Hey I am not much for religion and things related to that....But I am asking you guys to say a prayer for our Buddy Dalvin... without betraying any confidence, He is really down right now and I am very worried about him. It is frustrating that I can't ease any of his burdens. THANKS
  7. Clearwater AL

    I hope it isn't...

    Has anyone else besides me noticed how many "so often, so seemingly similar", DIHALS Threads of those suffering from fear of death anxiety end in "God Bless"... ? I hope religion isn't causing severe anxiety in some of these young folks on top of their related psychosis.
  8. vickim

    Happiness now in honor of Sharon

    “I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.” ― Mother Teresa “Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.” ― Albert Einstein “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” ― Anonymous “Prayer is...
  9. CGARS

    Gleason Speaks to United Nations

    Not sure if anybody has talked about this yet, but what a great guy Steve is! Former Saints player Steve Gleason has told the medical community, “save my voice, my lungs and my thumbs, and I promise to change the world." And Thursday, in his effort to save the ability to communicate for...
  10. J

    Newly diagnosed. Hopelessness to acceptance?

    Hi all, It has been a little over a week since my diagnosis and this is my first post. my symptoms seem to progress on a daily basis. I have been essentially bed bound in my condo with a livein caretaker for a few months. I have a 90 year old, healthy mom nearby and a son, daughter in law and...