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    a little fear about ALS

    Hello, I have for the past 3-4 weeks pain in my left leg, that started after I had a workout in thr gy,. The ortho told me it's a strech on the muscle, but I in that few days since I had a fear of ALS becasue is searched the work "mucsle twitching". I went to a neuro a week after and I told him...
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    My Horror Story

    My big horror story. After seeing several muscular neurologists, I decided to get one more opinion. This time I researched the internet to find a person that had some clout in the ALS network. With help from the ALS organization and many hours I found a neurologist I thought could give me a...
  3. W

    Blue Day

    Not sure what kind of comments I’m looking for here today. Just feeling very down. My story is listed in a previous post. My husband had his muscle biopsy about two and a half weeks ago. We are still waiting for the results of it and his last blood work up. We’ve been busy lately, kids have...
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    Years of symptoms...does this sound like ALS progression?

    Hello, all. First of all I'd like to say I've read many posts on this forum over the years due to my own health concerns, and I'd like to say thank you for being so kind and supportive of many who may or may not have ALS. You have done a great service to many people, I'm sure. I appreciate and...
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    Bulbar Convulsions or Gag Reflex

    I was diagnosed with PLS in 2007. In the past year, I've had big issues with my gag reflex. My throat and tongue are very sensitve and will convulse or stimulate my gag reflex very easily. I have trouble eating things like salad or spaghetti since they linger on the back of your tongue when...
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    Worried about my symptoms. Please help

    For 120 days I have had stiff bilateral calf muscles and bottom of feet when I walk especially when I first get out of bed. I have fasciculations in both calves and occasional twitches in other parts of my body. For past 30 days my forearms muscles are mildly stiff and my fingers are bit...