rapid progression

  1. M

    More rapid progression?

    This disease is so frustrating. My mother was diagnosed with PLS, symptoms started a little less than 3 years ago. She is falling more regularly now. Three falls in the past two weeks. Trouble swallowing pills, more confusion, trouble raising her arms, and hoarse voice. She is resisting a...
  2. K

    A question about a new diagnosis

    I have been waiting for our official diagnosis from and ALS specialist/neurologist to post and we got it last Thursday so here I am. My mom was her normal awesome self in April this year. In May we noticed she was slurring her words and she had a couple of falls while cleaning the house. In...
  3. F

    Pillows or special equipment?

    Hello, I am posting on behalf of my Dad. He was diagnosed in June, rapid progression, and he is already in a nursing home living out his last days. As his muscles have weakened, he is unable to move his neck. Because of that, his head falls down and to the side (the side of his ventilator...
  4. S

    Slow progresser (long post)

    Hello to everyone, this is my first post, after spending a lot of time browsing the forums. It seems like a very supportive place. I've noticed in these groups as well as in the local ALSA support group we go to, that some people are dealing with the stress and demands of a fairly rapid...
  5. K

    Rapid progression?

    Hi everyone. I know these questions are unanswerable but I guess I just want to hear people’s experience. During the summer of 2017 my dad started noticing his balance was off. He had a few falls into September and after a bad fall in nyc he decided to go see a neurologist. In March 2018 he was...
  6. T

    My Sweet Friend

    I want to thank each and everyone who posts on this site, it has been such wealth of information and with that, I was able to support my friend Gretchen in many ways I could not thought of. I did not post much but was here often researching any way I could. Her journey was short with rapid...
  7. MJALSWarrior

    T-Cells may play a part in how rapid progression is.

  8. M

    Newly diagnosed, need advice

    My husband was diagnosed with ALS Jan 2018, onset symptoms started Feb 2017. He first had cramping in right calf muscle then foot drop. His right leg started wasting away shortly after and he lost 40-50lbs within months. He began to have trouble breathing in Aug 2017 just 7 months after onset...
  9. S

    left leg, right leg, right hand

    Hi all, I would not waste anyone's time on here if I wasn't seriously concerned. I would like to know if any PALS here had such a rapid progression: From late july 2017 until now (oct 2017) I developed a drop foot and subsequent calf/foot atrophy, but my twitching didn't start until the...
  10. P

    Possible diagnosis

    Hello to all lovely people here. Firstly, I want to apologise in advance for my not so perfect english, it is not my first,nor my second language but I will try to be as clear as possible. For 2 months I have hestitated to post on here because I didn't want to intrude before someone actually...