1. L

    Opinions Needed - Ramp vs Platform Lift

    We have 5 steps to get into our house. We’re being proactive since we know these will be a problem for my PALS in the near future. He currently just uses a rollator. We’ve talked with 3 companies about metal ramps and VPLs (vertical platform lifts). The cost will be about the same for...
  2. KarenNWendyn

    Adventures in van parking, part 2

    Perhaps this is a tale of poetic justice. You can decide. So as a followup to a previous thread .... https://www.alsforums.com/forum/rants-raves/43805-handicapped-parking-spots-new-post.html Today I’m out for a haircut, still able to drive the van myself and transfer into the pwc, enjoying...
  3. D

    Navigating in a Power Wheelchair

    Have had the chair 3 or 4 weeks. Have ramp now. How do I position the chair to go up and down ramps and curbs?
  4. KarenNWendyn

    Handicapped parking spots

    When I was able bodied, it always seemed that the handicapped spots in front of a business were often empty, forcing everyone else to park farther away. Now that I’m using a wheelchair, it seems that the handicapped spots are often taken. Even at places like Costco where there are lots of...
  5. L

    3 months later

    First, when Eileen was on hospice, I couldn't share all the details of her passing, even now some of it is more than I can talk about on the forum. When the time came, with two pastors, family and friends in the room, I couldn't let a stranger make the final step. So, I turned off the Trilogy...
  6. B

    Sorry to bother

    Hello First I want to say I am so sorry for the affects this disease has caused on peoples lives. I have neurologist appointment but I am about a month and half away from it. I have some symptoms that I would like to run by to see if I can rule out ALS So I didn't really notice anything...
  7. Buckhorn

    2010 Dodge Caravan wheelchair van; location Northeastern PA

    This van is in excellent shape. Current mileage is 36,200 miles. V6, automatic transmission, FWD. Used for just 9 months. It drives very well, excellent handling, very smooth. Tires are excellent. Manual drop down drive up entry ramp which is very easy to operate, not heavy, & able to...
  8. MJALSWarrior

    Ramp money

    I just learned that you do not have to use the $6800 grant money to build a ramp. All I had to do was have my ALS Clinic nurse put in a consult with Prosthetics and they will take care of it. The $6800 is for door widening, kitchen mods etc.
  9. W

    Wheelchair Ramp

    Prairie View Portable Single-Fold Wheelchair Ramp, 2 ft, $40/best offer.
  10. Chincoteaguer

    Entry and threshold ramps

    After several discussions with ramp specialists I decided to have a carpenter build a ramp. Metal ones that you can rent are okay but are expensive (initial cost $600.00, monthly rent $250) and do not give the solid feel of wood and concrete set posts. Cost to build $1,600. Also, I did not...