1. Colleen15

    Starting Radicava oral

    Hi, diagnosed 3/2023, bulbar onset. I am starting Radicava oral in a few days, Any side effects experienced? I also take Riluzole. Thank you.
  2. ShiftKicker

    For Canadians interested in Radicava

    The CADTH (independent advisory body Health Canada consulted with) has published its recommendations on Edaravone use in Canada based on their research and consultations with ALS patients, caregivers and other health professionals. From ALS Canada The report can be found here...
  3. N

    Greetings to All

    Hello Everyone, I've been all over the website now for a while and have read a wealth of information that I have found useful as I negotiate my journey . So a big Thank You to all of the contributors that have taken the time post . Your experiences and knowledge have already helped me as I...
  4. T

    Option Care and In-Home Infusions for Radicava

    If you are trying to get in-home infusions of Radicava set up through Option Care and it seems like something is just not adding up -- please trust your gut. We went around and around with Option Care the last 10 days who kept telling us that we needed to get insurance approval for certain...
  5. N

    lurking CALS

    Hi, I'm Nikki. My husband was diagnosed with ALS last December. I have spent the last year lurking on this site and finally feel like I am getting to the point where I may want to start asking questions. My husband Colin is 51. I am 36 and I have a 9 and 11 year old whom he is stepdad to. He has...
  6. A

    Nuedexta and radicava

    My mother found out that she’ll be able to start radicava soon and Medicare is going to cover the entire cost! She also had a feeding tube put in last week at Mass General and it went well. She can still eat relatively normally but gets tired after a while and has lost a little weight. She...
  7. D

    Medication - Newly Diagnosed In September

    One option given at my first ALS Clinic visit yesterday was Radicava infusion treatments. Comment and/or experience with the process please. If I do these treatments I will not be eligible for a couple of trials they are doing at the ALS Clinic.
  8. P

    Radicava results

    This thread was closed after one month. I don't know why but I'm sure there's a good reason?? There was very little results on this thread, as i expected. Radicava good news is hard to find. There's a lot of profiteers pushing this..........ALS Association news has this drugs add's on there news...
  9. Scotiaspirit

    Radicava Side effects

    I been on Edaravone (Radicava) since March of this year. I been experiencing brief periods of blurred vision (both eyes at the same time) during my weeks on treatment, but do not seem to have them during my rest periods. My nurses and doc has noted it, but are unsure if it is a related side...
  10. B

    Newly diagnosed

    Hello everyone, After having received a diagnosis of PLS 7 months ago, my doctor changed the diagnosis to ALS 2 weeks ago based on lower motor neuron symptoms. I've been on riluzole for 3 months, and just signed the paperwork to start radicava. My mind is definitely spinning at the moment, so I...