1. S

    Brother diagnosed last week

    My younger brother was just diagnosed last week after having seen several physicians to rule out stroke, cancer, etc. The neurologist he first saw detected nerve damage but didn't give him any additional referral or information. He was eventually referred to another neurologist in Iowa City...
  2. Chincoteaguer

    Husband caregiver newly diagnosed

    Hello. My wife was diagnosed with ALS 12-20-17 after months of symptoms. She has been through so much in the last two years that the symptoms were overlooked by her doctors. She had surgery for breast cancer 01-2016; heavy chemo for 18 weeks; 33 radiation treatments; broken pelvis from fall...
  3. G

    My situation

    This is a great site for those of us battling the questions and anxiety relqted to the subject matter. It has calmed me some. I read the sticky. My stuff started with forearm spasms on both arms. Also would feel twitching in both hands. As my concern grew so did the twitches and started to...
  4. S

    Mom with FTD and ALS

    Hi all, my name is Mari and I'm Finnish. I lost my mom to ALS on Nov 17th. She had an Alzheimers diagnosis on July 2017 as we took her to memory tests as she didnt seem to remember everything as normal and did not cook or do gardening anymore nor cleaned the house as usual. She was diagnosed...
  5. W

    Some questions and concerns

    Is there a perceived weakness before clinical weakness? Or does it just shut off like a light?does atrophy occur due to lack or moving the muscle or does this disease cause atrophy while you're still able to use that muscle? Does the twitching occur before the weakness or after? Right now I got...
  6. David

    Leapcure Muscle Cramp Trial

    Do you have frequent muscle cramps? Have you been diagnosed with a motor neuron disease like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS), or Progressive Muscular Atrophy (PMA)? If you’ve been diagnosed with motor neuron disease and meet the requirements listed below, you...