pulmonary function test

  1. R

    Bulbar Onset MND

    Hello there, I’m Karen, I’m 53. My problems started a while ago and I have been so confused, upset and angry with doctors since this has all began. I really don’t think I have MND, or maybe I’m in denial but it just doesn’t add up to me. I would really like your opinions and guidance, it would...
  2. L

    Bulbar ALS?

    Hi I am a 28 year old RN in Las Vegas. Unfortunately medicine here is not very advanced and we do not have very many specialist. I have been seeing a neurologist for over a month for only 3 blood test for myasthenia gravis and an RNS to be done. My symptoms are seeming to worsen. I’m guessing...
  3. BlsdMama

    Confirm what this pulmonary function test means?

    Can someone explain this? FEV/FVC ratio: Expected 93% Found: 76% That means for my build, condition, etc., that they expected to see a ratio of 93% but where I really am is 76%, correct?
  4. Z

    Possible/likely ALS - afraid and uncertain

    Hi all, I am 21, male (yes, I know; read on though, please) I have been severely depressed for several years. Last year I took to a lot of drug use and grappled with marijuana addiction. During the worst of this time, I smoked large amounts daily out of a gravity bong jerry rigged from a...
  5. KimT

    ALS Specialist denies pain related to disease

    Hello, Since my dx I've been to three ALS Specialty Clinics. One was strictly for a second opinion and it was out of state. Two weeks ago the doctor I ended up with (since my diagnosis) told me that the level of pain I was experiencing did NOT happen in ALS and said "pain other than cramping...
  6. S

    Finding medical field is not knowledgable about ALS!

    So frustrating! My PAL hates going to the doctor... Had to convince him to go for his Pulmonary Function test at the local hospital. He messages me during the test and says, he has done the test once and taken a breathing treatment and now has to do it again. What??? You don't have COPD, you...
  7. H

    Please help with question

    Hello, I posted some questions a while back but I continue having issues and I am still concerned. I have been seeing Dr Katzin out of USF, up to now she has completed 2 EMG's each time on only 2 limbs leg and arm. They have been no indications of MND plus on my clinical I have always shown 3+...
  8. M

    Pulmonary Function Test

    Can someone help me understand these results:"Spirogram showed severe airflow obstruction. FEV is 0.77 which is 37% of predicted. Lung volume showed no restrictive defect or air trapping. DCLO was within normal limits." My PCP said this was bad but that I looked much better than this. Whatever...
  9. KimT

    Pulmonary Function Tests

    It's only me again. I had a pulmonary function test at Mayo three months ago and one at U of F (Shands) this week. Mayo didn't include the raw data and Dr. Pulley wanted to do one of his own. It looks like U of F doesn't do specific tests of respiratory muscle strength and Mayo does...
  10. P

    Peg and breathing issues

    Hello everyone. Just looking for some input. My mom ha bulbar ALS and can no longer eat by mouth so she is scheduled for a peg tube next Thursday. However, she is getting it against her ALS specialist advice. Her FVC is 45 and she is unable to breath while laying on her back. But she is so...