1. lisa g

    Alternating Pressure Pad

    I am starting to feel uncomfortable in bed. I can still turn myself over although it is becoming harder. I currently do not have a hospital bed but have a select comfort bed. I have been looking at an alternating pressure pad and was wondering if anyone uses one that doesn't use a hospital bed...
  2. Tomswife

    Pressure ulcers. Bed sores

    My husband PALS is bedridden and cannot move on his own. We try to be diligent to prevent bed sores but perhaps they are inevitable at some point. I hope not. There is a lot of info on the internet on prevention and remedies. Here is one document, attached. And there is the USA National...
  3. ShiftKicker

    Blood pressure testing at home?

    Does anyone have a home bp testing device they recommend? There seem to be lots out there, from super cheap to more expensive. So many, in fact, it's hard to decide and I'd just be closing my eyes and picking at random. tia
  4. L

    Like new pressure-relieving bed (in Oregon)

    Hi! We've been trying to find someone to donate our Stratus Turn mattress and adjustable hospital bed frame to, but not having much luck. Only used 2 months. We're in Portland. Please contact me if you have any interest!
  5. S

    Advice appreciated

    Good morning and thank you for accepting me to post on this board. I did not ever think I would be making a post like this. I have read through the stickies and the previous posts regarding twitching and symptoms. I still had a few questions, if you don't mind. I have been to my PCP and...
  6. D

    Concerned about continuing symptoms

    Hello to all, I am concerned about a couple things going on, and hoping you guys would be able to help me, or give me some ideas on my next step. Everything started about a 1.5-2 years ago. I flew up to Montana for the week to spend time with family. Had a good trip until the end when I got...
  7. K

    Trilogy Settings with Progression

    My PALS has been using a Trilogy for the past year. His latest FVC was 26%, with MIP at 20 and MEP at 32. We can tell his weakening muscles continue to affect his breathing, just since Clinic in February. He had some issues with air hunger at night and increasing EPAP from 6 to 8 took care of...
  8. K

    BiPap: Possible to Have Too Much Air?

    My 87 year old mother just got her BiPap machine four days ago. Therapist set it up for her, and the rental unit relays info by wifi to the therapist's office, and he can control it remotely. She felt like it was blowing air too harshly into her lungs over the weekend, and I asked him to dial...
  9. T

    Muscle atrophy (?)

    Hello! Thank you in advance to anyone who gets back to me. I have muscle twitching mostly in my left leg but also all over my body, pretty normal for me but I just wanted to state it. My left leg on my upper thigh has a dent in it and after doing some research the first article that pulled up...
  10. K

    Trouble with Sentry 1400 Low Air Loss/ Alternating Air Mattress

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with our problems with the alternating air mattress. Just had this delivered from the ALS closet on Thursday. First two nights, she finally slept till 5am, instead of 2am. That was good. Last night she slept badly. But the rest of it is a disaster. She is so...