1. M

    First ALS clinic visit

    Today I had my first clinic visit at the Huntsville ALS Clinic. We were there from 9:30 AM til 3:30 PM. But I saw everyone: PT, RT, OT, dietician, speech therapist, and social worker and MD. And I was evaluated for a power wheechair. They also recommended a Trilogy. I am wondering if anyone has...
  2. G

    Tobii P10 computer

    Used Tobii computer with XP operating system for sale. $2500.00 (OBO) The only issue is that is missing its power cord.
  3. H

    Transportation (thinking in advance)

    At some point in the near future I believe that my mom won't be able to get in and out of the car (it's a big struggle for her now). She has a car (she's not driving) that we could sell and potentially get a minivan that would accommodate a power chair. Can anyone give any advice on anything...
  4. H

    When Google fails...

    Hi Everyone, Some of us here are from other places in the world. We don't speak English perfectely and on this Forum abbreviations are used intensively. I know Google is my friend, but it is often ambiguous and sometimes it fails. example: PALS has 7 meanings in wikipedia. I still don't know...
  5. Janis J

    greetings from long-time lurker

    Hi, I've finally joined after lurking for a few months to get lots of useful information and inspiration. My husband Douglas was diagnosed with ALS in May 2015. His arms and hands were affected first and are now mostly useless. He's now having trouble swallowing and talking and had a PEG tube...
  6. M

    Trach - pros/cons

    Hello friends in common! My husband has Bulbar onset ALS diagnosed 4/2013. Has a DPS and feeding tube. Eats through tube, can still talk some, can walk to the bathroom (with leg braces) with walker otherwise needs the power chair. Is all there mentally and a very intelligent man. His...