power wheelchair

  1. joelc

    Don't Focus on Dying!

    I just posted this one my web site. This is a subject that disturbs me greatly. I find there are too many people who focus on the fact they are going to die. They are convinced they are dying and will die within a few months or years. While there is that possibility, everyone has to die...
  2. LauraW

    Mom got her power wheelchair!

    Good news! Mom finally got her power wheelchair. Most of it was covered by medicare and insurance and MDA paid $2000. We only had to pay $1400. Now we can go places without me killing my back and arms carrying everything, and pushing her at the same time. We went out to BJ's which is a large...
  3. duplinwino


    I'm really going to sound like a whiner, but here goes... We're going on three years now. DH has been in a power wheelchair about 10 months, his right arm was wasted some time ago and his left arm has very little use left. He does not have breathing or swallowing issues at this point. I...
  4. R

    Portland, OR- amazing lift and fancy wheelchair

    Sit to stand lift- (similar to this pic- http://www.phc-online.com/Stand_Up_Lift_p/invacare_rps350-1.htm) This was a lifesaver for our family. If we had it sooner we could have prevent a serious back injury to one caregiver. Allows easy transfers to wheelchair, reclining chair or toilet (works...
  5. K

    power wheelchair and shower chair

    I have a Quantum 6000z power wheelchair that is about 5 months old, however only used 3 months. It has electric hand controls and also the rear joystick for the caregiver to control from the back of the chair. POWER TILTING & RECLINING SEAT & LEGRESTS with an additional rear joystick that is...
  6. M

    Power Wheelchair/Dynavox System for Sale

    For sale: Quantam 614 Series 3 Power Wheelchair, joystick controller on right arm along with caretaker controls on back. Only three months old, in excellent condition. Paid $24K, willing to sell for $5,000 or OBO. Pictures available upon request. Includes owners manuals, battery recharger...
  7. PDaddy

    ALS is a Money Pit

    $ First I needed a device to help me turn the key when I was driving. And a device to help open soda cans. And light weight plastic cups I can hold $$ Wrist braces so I can use my computer. A toilet seat raisEr. $$$ A sliding shower chair. A SmartNav head tracker. $$$$ A shower-chair/commode...
  8. boblandstar1

    Choosing a power wheelchair

    Choosing a wheelchair is a major decision. Making the right choices is essential in determining your long term happiness with your chair as well as factors like comfort,maneuverability,dependability and long term usefulness. In my experience most prosthetic people are not educated about the...
  9. S

    ALS Guardian Angels desparate for a power wheelchair

    I have a short PALS (4'11") in desparate need of a power wheelchair. If anyone has one to lend or donate, I'd be very gratefull. It doesn't have to be for a 4'11" individual ... but just a chair for someone shorter than the norm. I can offer a very large tax writeoff. Can anyone help?
  10. T

    2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport w/ AMS side entry ramp

    Steel Blue ext., two tone grey interior. V6, air, factory AM/FM/Cassette/CD. Equipped with a side entry power wheelchair ramp. Very clean inside and out. 100K miles. Located in Mt. Pleasant Texas. $12900. Prefer to sell to buyer in NE Texas. ( Dallas, Texarkana, or vicinity )