power wheelchair

  1. tajmom

    wheelchair seat covers?

    Now that the warm weather is here I am dreading my first summer in the power wheelchair -- specifically, having my back against that black vinyl/pleather/whatever it is seat back. It is very hot and humid in the summer here! Anyone have any solutions they like?
  2. M

    Power Wheelchair- Like New!- for sale

    Power/ motorized wheelchair for sale- LIKE NEW! Invacare Model: TDX SP Power Wheelchair. Check it out at: Invacare Corporation - TDX SP New Options Now Available Used for two years by my mom, an ALS patient diagnosed in fall 2007. Includes front and back joystick controls, armrests...
  3. M

    Almost new C300 Permobil Chair - $4,500

    Almost new C300 Permobil Wheel Chair. 100% working condition! Looks and runs great. Has the full tilting option. Paid over 7,000 brand new! All accessories go with the chair. Front wheel drive power wheelchair. * Puncture proof tires (Was a $400 upgrade. Also have the original tires.). *...
  4. abbas child

    "Drive Lock Out" due to mercury switch?

    Last week my power chair stopped, with a "drive lock out" briefly stated on the window of the joy stick. I was able to move just a few feet, then it returned, and this happened several times. Then, the chair totally quit, and a repair tech, Bob, came to check it out. Now am waiting for a new...
  5. H

    He's coming home!

    So I haven't been very active here; there just hasn't been much time between the chaos of our lives and how quickly this struck my father and us all and how rapid it's progressed. At any rate, after so many obstacles we are able to finally get my dad home. He's being discharged from the...
  6. S

    Permobil power wheelchair free to deserving PALS

    ALS Guardian Angels has a 2006 Permobil power wheelchair available free to a deserving PALS. It was originally purchased for $30,000.00 and is in perfect condition. Ieally, we'd like to give it to someone in California for logistical reasons, but will ship it anywhere if necessary. ALSGA...
  7. DgtofTNfan

    Wheelchair Specifications

    A recent post on here indicated that a PALS had a power wheelchair however the seating system did not include some features that would have been beneficial for care. In another thread a member had mentioned looking at scooters and quickly learned from this great community to skip the scooter and...
  8. M

    Quantum 6000Z Power Wheelchair

    We are selling a Quantum Series 6000Z motorized wheelchair. We bought this chair new from the Scooter Store in April 2009 and was used by my father for approximately 6 months. It has all the options, including: True-Balance 2 power tilt and recline, Power Arti Foot platform, Controller...
  9. D

    09' Invacare power wheelchair w/ MK6I for sale

    My Mother had this chair for less than a year and she loved it. purchased brand new and used regularly for about 6 months. I would really love to get this in the hands of one of our PALS. Asking $7,000 OBO Model TDX SP Formula CG w/MK6i Top Of The Line! Paid $21,000.00 new purchased in March...
  10. joelc

    Power wheelchair stupidity!

    Today was one of those "Reality” (slap you in the face) days. They always come when you let your guard down and don't see it coming. I have not had enough nerve to venture out for 3 months now because my loaner powerchair, which I am very thankful for, has had an electrical problem that they...