power chair

  1. halfin

    Weird progression order

    ALS is a somewhat unpredictable disease. We think we know what is coming next but I have been having surprises. My first symptom was difficulty speaking. My words were slightly slurred and my voice a bit rough. Shortly afterwards I noticed slight weakness in my right hand - especially when...
  2. G

    looking for info

    I am trying to find info for a paralyzed veteran friend who has ALS. He wants to relocate from the KC area to San Antonio. I'm looking for a list of facilities in that area that will accept patients who are 100% ventilated, will accept VA reimbursement & will allow him to use his VA-issued power...
  3. B

    ? about PWC & van ramp

    Do any of you in a power chair access your van by tilting the chair through the opening? If so, how difficult is this? Do you need an attendant to allow you to do this? And, what height is the van door opening that you have? Anybody over 6' tall? We will obviously consult with the PWC...
  4. D

    Forced Vital Capacity and Vent

    As some of you know, Jen and I had quite a roller coaster holiday season. For those that dont a quick recap: 37 year old wife Dx with Bulbar Onset ALS in 03/09, PEG in August, our twins turn 3 next Sunday. Dec. 4th Ambulance for respiratory distress Dec. 8th Tracheostomy Dec. 10th transfer to...
  5. B

    Memory foam cushion vs gel cushion

    Hi all, Even though I can still walk with the aid of a walker, I just recently had to get a manual wheelchair and am in the process of obtaining a power chair. Can anyone tell me what kind of seat cushion you prefer--one with a memory foam or one made of gel? Or an entirely different type of...
  6. BethU

    Wake-up Calls

    Well, it's rant 'n' rave time again. Have had a series of wake-up calls, and have finally realized that denial is not a good coping mechanism for long. Especially with ALS. My "I can manage" mentality came to a screeching halt about 3 weeks ago, my last trip to the ER, when my LightWriter...