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    Recently diagnosed

    I have never posted in a forum or participated in one. I am sitting here tonight unable to sleep. In in a state of great sadness and despair. My husband is sleeping and i know i could wake him but he's under such stress and strain of this I don't feel as if I can burden him with this i was...
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    2016 Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair for sale - Fully loaded

    2016 Permobil M300 Corpus 3G - Fully loaded Near mint condition - Accessories included Power tilt, recline, and leg-rests - 8" power seat lift $4500 obo Link to craigslist ad (more images here) Free local pickup (I'm in Redmond, OR) ... $500 for freight shipment to anyone else in the U.S...
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    Permobil M300 Power Chair For Sale

    The Permobil M300 is a mid-wheel drive power chair. Like the Tobii I-15+, I am selling this for a friend of mine who's husband passed away from ALS two years ago. The chair is lightly used and has 0.8 miles on it. The only thing missing is the seat elevator that I believe allows the seat to...
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    Power Chair Delivery Today - Advice Appreciated

    Hubby's chair gets delivered today. (We ordered it right after the holidays.) I'm nervous about it because he has very little hand strength but he is getting a chair with a mini joystick. Our rep said it would work. Hopefully it does. Going on advice here we ordered the lifting seat. The...
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    Embarassed to ask but need to know!

    My PALS was diagnosed Sept 2011. Prob had it a year earlier. Started in his hands and was slow moving until about 2 years ago and it went crazy. He is paralyzed except for his neck and a little shoulder which still allows him to drive his power chair. He has always had a really good outlook...
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    PALS wants to go to Mt Rushmore

    My PALS would like to visit Mount Rushmore. I am thinking that we need to wait until at least June to go for warmer temps?! I am worried about whether he will be walking by then?! If he is wheelchair bound, it brings up a lot of unknowns for me... I guess the biggest thing is will be still...
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    Deduction for handicap modifications

    We spent about $28,000 remodeling our two bathrooms to access my power chair. Do I need to get SN appraisal of the two baths, compare to the original cost and deduct the difference? Vince
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    2016 Permobil M300 Power Chair with TILT, LEGS & SEAT LIFT

    Pop Star Pink! Bought in May 2016, has less than 10 miles, like new, small adult, both passenger and attendant controls. Phoenix, AZ $4500
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    Is it possible to exchange a new power chair with Numotion???

    I've probably got less than a quarter or half a mile on my power chair. Its a front wheel drive F3 Corpus with tilt/recline/leg extension and lift. I'm used to a pronto that I used while waiting for my new chair. The pronto is a mid wheel and I love the way it handles. I've been trying...
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    Ranting Thanks or Thankfully Ranting

    M has progressed significantly in the last year. He has given up walking and currently is using his Zinger (our traveling electric wheelchair) in the house. We have an appointment at Spaulding for him to be fitted for a power chair. I have appreciated the recent threads regarding the PWC...