possible als

  1. K

    Worried about weakness

    Hello...I have an appt with a neuromuscular specialist next week, but I was hoping to get some opinions before then. I was walking to my son's school about 6 weeks ago, and I fell forward when my left knee buckled. I was thinking that it could be my lupus acting up. At that time, I could walk on...
  2. C

    Possible ALS? 22 year old Male.

    Firstly thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am a 22 year old with no serious medical history, aside from asthma and atypical migraines. Prior to the onset of all these neurological symptoms I had 12 rounds of tonsillitis. At the start of last year I began experiencing symptoms...
  3. J

    Possible AlS/MND?

    I have read stickies and discussions above. I should start with I’m 24 year old male who has health anxiety. A couple months ago I had pins and needles sensation throughout my entire body. From then I would have days of all limbs feeling fatigued and tired. After that I had a near syncope...
  4. M

    Does this sound like possible ALS?

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and I will be honest that I’m feeling quite anxious. I’ve been experiencing some symptoms that I’m worried may indicate ALS. I will preface this by saying I’m 24 years old and I’ve had neurological problems since I was 12, so I am no stranger to seeing a...
  5. A

    questions about possible als

    sorry guys , have been having unsolved neuro issue for 10 months, now getting sent to mayo clinic in rochester in 2 weeks. So i have had musular twiching in toes (really arch of left foot) that causes my toes to move, then it moved to my left leg, then moved to left eye, mostly over last 8...
  6. L

    Diagnosis changed and now uncertain again

    Dear PALS, I've been reading so many threads and posts since June 2017 and today I decided to post for the first time. First of all, thank you for all those informative posts and everyone that takes there time to answer. I will try to keep the post short, but it it's very complicated so please...
  7. B

    Possible Onset Bulbar Palsy

    Hello ALS community, my name is Bill. First I would like to say how saddening it is to read people's stories and how brave they are fighting the various symptoms of ALS or other MND's. Good luck and God bless to all of you. My symptoms actually started about 8 months ago wo even knowing it, I...
  8. S

    Possible ALS or just health anxiety?

    Hello everyone, I'm Sara and I'm 23 years old. I've been having a huge amount of anxiety lately about possibly having ALS. What I'm trying to figure out if this is simply anxiety, or something much more troubling... The first thing I noticed was a slight shaking in either of my thumbs...
  9. K

    Possible ALS symptoms?

    Hello everyone, Firstly to all of those living with this terrible disease, god bless you. My uncle was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and unfortunately passed away last year at age 66. Firstly I am 27. I suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder.) and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder.) Last...
  10. L

    Possible ALS "symptoms make a good case for it"

    Hi, I've had lots of neuro symptoms for years now, but the past year have been the first time I've actually had a neurologist that has seen some UMN and LMN signs. I've had fasiculations in my lower legs, I get parasthesias, I've had some trippings at times, I get tiredness in my legs at...
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