positive thinking

  1. Barbie

    Got a Cold

    Ugh! I have a lovely cold with a drippy nose, cough, watery eyes and general malaise. I have not been sick in a really long time--I am a pretty healthy person and usually I use the power of positive thinking to over come cold bugs. But this one is a doosy! Sure hope my pals doesn't catch it...
  2. E

    Can't be True

    Hello-My brother was diagnosed with ALS this week and I have checked out of reality ever since we found out. Nothing else seems to matter anymore. I haven't had a chance to see him since he was diagnosed but it's all I'm sure we can all think about now. All I want is to be with him 24/7 now...
  3. limegreenphysicist

    Limegreen Update

    Hey you guys, Sorry for being a stranger lately. School and life is just so crazy right now. I wanted to come and update my story for those that have been there supporting me and following me through all of this. I had my another check in with my doctor yesterday to test my strength, reflexes...
  4. S

    Have you heard about Drew? #BlameALS

    So, I was on Twitter, and I came across a trending topic #BlamesDrewsCancer. What it is, is a guy named Drew who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Well, to keep a positive outlook, he invited the whole world to blame his cancer on ANYTHING. Lost car keys, Seahawks losing, broken window. His...
  5. S

    How do I help?

    A very close friend of mine was diagnosed with ALS a couple of years ago. For the past two years has enjoyed life to the fullest (family vacations, trips with friends, etc) He has been a great example of courage and positive thinking. As ALS makes its inevitable progress I am a little unsure...