portable bidet

  1. tripete

    Equipment Recomendations

    As things progress more and more gadgets are needed. I have lost most of my muscle control to hold in bowel movements or to push them out. Is there a Portable Bidet that people use when out? If so please recommend one. I have lost a lot of my trunk and neck strength and end up leaning/falling...
  2. W

    Bidet Toilet Seat Maintenance

    If you are thinking about buying an attachable bidet toilet seat, one of the worries that you may have relates to maintenance for your toilet seat bidet. Are you worried about how much maintenance goes into having such a toilet seat bidet? If so, then here are the answers that you seek. Just...
  3. W

    Benefits of an Electronic Bidet at Home

    With increasing health consciousness in today's educated and informed world, we all know that better personal hygiene enhances an individual's physical and emotional well being. Wiping with toilet paper after using the restroom is not enough to make your private areas infection free. People have...
  4. rcharlton

    Portable Bidet

    Hi I am looking for a bidet to take on vacation. I have tried a number of hand held battery operated models - which I have found to be less than useless. I need something that attaches the nozzle/sprayer to the toilet with a long hose to hook up to a sink or bath faucet. I found one...
  5. R

    Portable Bidets

    Has anyone ever used one? If so tell me what you think about them and if you would recommend a brand. Thanks, Rhonda