porch lift

  1. marypat

    Porch lift

    I've added some pictures of the porch lift my husband installed if anyone wants to see how they look/work installed. just fyi. they are located in my remodel ideas album
  2. David

    Bruno Porch Lift

    FOR SALE (just south of Huntsville ON) Bruno Porch Lift 48” rise, right tower, straight on and off. 6 months old, used indoors (from garage to main floor) $2,200 Contact: [email protected] 705 788-0059
  3. Chase_Corin

    bi-pap or c-pap?

    Hi everyone, My dad has ALS and we are trying to find out all the items we need to be saving money for. I have found a used porch lift for $650 that we are picking up this weekend but it led me to wondering. Dad had sleep apnia before he lost all the weight due to the ALS and was on a c-pap...
  4. Chase_Corin

    Looking for Porch Lift in Eastern Ontario

    Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase a used porch lift in the Eastern Ontario area. I would be able to transport it but the catch is it needs to go to about 58 inches in height. If you have one or know of anyone that may be looking to sell theirs please let me know! Thanks
  5. Chase_Corin

    Emotional Day

    Well the Hospital bed arrived today and my dad had a hard time accepting it. He wants to keep acting as though nothing is wrong and I see him faltering every day. My mom was no longer able to get him in and out of bed and he dosn't seem to understand that. Mom has Fibromyalsia and a bad back...
  6. BarryG

    My new stuff

    Hello everyone, Beth and I just picked up our "new" 2004 Chevrolet Venture side entry wheelchair van and while it is not like buying a sports car it is pretty cool anyway. I have put some pictures in my profile if anyone wants to have a look. The concrete walkway and pad for the porch lift is...
  7. M

    A few questions?!?!

    Sorry I have not been posting lately. A few issues have come up, so I am here now. I tried searching the threads for info, but mostly got “do I have ALS section”. So here goes: 1. My arms have been getting weaker, hard to pinch, lift arms over shoulders, left hand slower than right hand. Unable...
  8. Al

    Porch Lift and Bathroom Pictures

    Hopefully the link will work this time. Some have asked to see the porch lift and bathroom that we had installed. Click on the link and then on the Lift album and then on slideshow. There are some pictures of Palawan in the Phlippines you might like to look at. We were there in 2002/03 and it is...