1. D

    Frontolobe dimentia.

    heredity question Hello everyone. My first post. I'm Deb from Australia. scared to say much right now. I'm actually waiting for a diagnosis and "incidentally discovered my grandmother died of pneumonia secondary to ALS in 1970. I read in Google scholar that not all people with the faulty gene...
  2. worrieddaughter77

    My dad is still kicking, but recently got the flu.

    Hello, Sorry I've been away from the forum for a long time. Two teenagers, one baby, and full time care of my dad (shared with my mom) was tough.. And then... We decided to move from the USA to Finland. It was my husband's idea actually... He dragged us in June 2018 because he thought we could...
  3. A

    is this a cold?

    I think I read that colds manifest differently in us. Everyone around me has been sick and even though very careful I think it's my turn. only symptom is increased mucous causing repeated choke attack and runs to cough machine, like ten times a day?! Otherwise just fatigued. have increased...
  4. T

    Goodbye Mr Twinkle.

    My darling brave husband passed away last Wednesday at 13.22pm. He was so ill in hospital, but he proved himself to be a fighter for 30 days whilst suffering from bulbar mnd, pneumonia, sepsis, and a lower bowel perforation. I am so undoubtly proud of my husband. His name was Peter, he was 58...
  5. T

    Slipping Away

    Hi all. I feel it wont be long until my husband is set free from the horrid disease. He's been in hospital now for 4 weeks with pneumonia and sepsis and is getting worse. I've no-one to talk to about it, I don't want to be so upset to my kids as they aren't coping at all with their dad's...
  6. L

    Flying free soon

    My husband who has ALS/FTD will be flying free soon and going home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He was diagnosed in May of last year. He has pneumonia and his lungs are completely full. It happened in a matter of hours. He’s resting comfortably now but had a rough day...
  7. N

    quitting Nuedexta?

    Any opinions on if my PALS should quit the Nuedexta in order to improve his current pneumonia? Wouldn't it help if his cough wasn't reduced? thank you in advance for your thoughts on this.
  8. B

    Constant use of Bipap machine

    Hi Everyone, Haven’t posted in about a year. My father was diagnosed approx 18 months ago with ALS and he is in the final stages. He has trouble holding up his head, can barely walk on his own, not eating anymore on his own and getting all his nutrients from a feeding tube. Just this week his...
  9. K

    Chunky Monkey

    I have started coughing up chunky stuff. I know I have scar tissue in my lungs from two bad bouts of pneumonia but I don't think that is what it is. I think it is clumps of semi dry mucus. Has anyone else seen this. It is pretty scary. Normally I cough up white slimy mucus but the...
  10. O

    Coughing has almost stopped

    I researched the forum for information, but couldn't find anything specific to this topic. My coughing and choking started prior to my diagnosis last October. It was chronic. I have been using the cough assist machine since this past April. Over the last couple of weeks, my coughing has...