1. S

    Back again - is this PMA or something else

    Hi all Didn't think I would be back on here but I just can't explain my progressive muscle atrophy on my hands. I read somewhere that first signs of PMA is the hand flattening and thinning out with loss of muscle fibres around fingers. My hands look totally different from a year ago when I...
  2. WendyWooG


    Hi everyone I hope I have started this in the correct place. I am 48, mum of two grown up daughters and have a 3 year old granddaughter. In Feb 2015 people were asking me why I was limping, I hadn't noticed, had no pain just couldn't go on tiptoe on right leg. I also was getting a bit...
  3. S

    What's happening?

    Hi everyone, Ok so I posted here after 3 months of the symptoms first occurring since then I have seen a Nuro and noted there was no abnormalities. Unfortunately another 3 months on, I have had worse symptoms. I have had to go private and pay for my Nuro which I see in two weeks as I can't...
  4. L

    Third Opinion

    Sorry for the absence of late. Just been trying to process. I returned to my neuro at the ALS clinic earlier last week. PMA it is definitely not. In fact, he feels it is upper motor neuron dominant-ALS but won't make a final diagnosis just yet. He brought up Riluzole and said we could wait a...
  5. M

    PMA questions

    I was wondering if someone can help me with some questions here on PMA my first EMG suggests that spectrum of lower motor neuron only. I did have a second EMG that shows no changes in since prior 6 months ago. I am now at 16 months with no real diagnosis. I cant seem to find much info on...
  6. M

    Is this section still active

    I see no new posts here, I had some questions about PMA for myself if anyone can direct me around to the proper section to post. Thank you
  7. L

    Clinic Visit

    I had my appointment with Sunnybrook's ALS clinic yesterday. They rang late the prior day, so I had to get up at 5 a.m. the next morning to make it there in time. Anyway, the end result is that the doctor feels that PMA is the most plausible diagnosis. He won't commit fully until he does his...
  8. L

    Newly Diagnosed. Just Saying Hello.

    Just wanted to say hello. I have lurked at this forum since ALS was first suggested as a possible diagnosis a year and a half ago. It certainly helped me immensely. During that same time, my amazing neurologist looked for any other diseases to explain my symptoms and progression. No stone was...
  9. H

    an update

    I had posted here a few times about my ALS fear and wanted to give an update. This week, I was referred to Dr. Glass at Emory. He is booked out until June, so I scheduled an earlier appointment with Dr. McCluskey at UPenn in early March. My latest exam found absent reflexes in multiple places...
  10. L

    My dad

    Hi. This is my first time on this site. My dad has PMA. We were just told last week. The doctor said PMA is a form of ALS But just a slower progression. It's early stage. Any suggestions, information , or share what to expect would be appreciated.