1. duplinwino

    New here - husband with MND/PMA

    Hi :-D I found this forum searching for articles on PMA (I didn't find too many). My husband is 31 years old, we will be married 10 years this year and have a seven year old daughter. In August/September 2006, he started noticing loss of strength in his right thumb and a "mushy feeling" in the...
  2. L


    Has anyone had PMA for more than 5 years with no upper motor involvement? We are on 6 years now and continuing to pray that it never involves the swallowing or speech. That wouldn't be "true" ALS then, would it.
  3. L

    pma for 6 years

    Hi, My husband has been diagnosed with PMA. We are at 6 years now. He is now 40 years old. We have 2 children. He has no upper motor signs but the progression of his disease continues. He is almost paralyzed from the neck down. He still has a little use of his arms but very little. I now...
  4. O

    Recently diagnosed with PMA

    Hello, My name is Melissa and I have recently been diagnosed with PMA. I am 28 years young and in complete shock. I used to be a professional and college basketball player and to find out that I can not be active and my life is being threatened has put me into great disbelief. My nuero is...
  5. K

    hello im needing soom support tonight

    im feeling a bit freaked out because so much is coming at me with the possibility of having ALS or PMA i know nothing about the real course of all this and im feeling particllarily alone tonight went to see the neuro sugeon monday for something else and during the mtg he looked at my hands and...
  6. M

    Coping with PMA

    This may be a repeat because the program, shut me down in mid-composition. I have recently been diagnosed with bi-brachial amyotrophy, a variant of progressive muscular atrophy. I would very much appreciate any input from others regarding coping with this condition both physically and...
  7. P

    New Member

    Hi there, I am Patrick. I am a new member in the forums. My dad has lower motor neurons signs for one year and half. All lab tests and EMGs are so far normal. One set of doctor, it could be PMA. Because PMA can have three or fours years of latency. PMA is the hardest to diagnose as the...
  8. Paul Wicks

    PMA description, what is PMA?

    Just browsing, noticed something that might need tidying up. I see in the description it says that PMA is a genetic condition, this isn't strictly true. In fact there have been either zero or less than a handful of reported cases of genetically inherited PMA. There are a group of genetically...
  9. L

    Reading my EMG

    I requested that USC provide me with copies of all of my tests so that I can have them for any future neurology or ALS clinic consults. I received them today and the EMG/Nerve Conduction Study is very unnerving (to coin a phrase). I cannot read or understand the numerical evaluations, and...