please help me

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    Please help me

    I’m 24 years of age, Caucasian female. I had a baby 7 months ago. I have been having very strange symptoms for about three months. I have seen a cardiologist, Gi doctor, pcp. Basically I twitching all over my body while I am resting, so if I’m laying low or sitting down my muscle twitches...
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    Concerned. Symptoms and family histor

    I have progressive atrophy of my right leg along with abdominal twitches and twitches in calf thighs and peroneal and calf muscle of right leg has mother and maternal aunt died of als....but my neurons are not ready to take me as a patient because they say you are...
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    Can someone please help me out?

    Listen, I understand that tons of people post here thinking they have ALS. And I know how annoying it must be for those of you who actually have it to read these posts from people who don't have it and are just blowing things out of proportion. But I'd like some input into my situation. I mean...
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    Very scared about ALS

    Hello, my name is Andrei, 17 years old. I am from Romania, Bucharest. I am very scared about my symptoms. So, 6 months ago I felt a burning sensation in my right biceps. After 2 weeks, everything stopped. After a while (maybe 10 days of peace) I start having muscle twitches in my feet for 2-3...
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    Drugs and supplements

    All articles talk about drugs and supplements to help with strength and twitching but nobody says what they are. I’m getting frustrated with trying to find what they are. Can someone please help me with this. Mod Note: email deleted. Plz send a Visitor Message if you wish to respond. Or...
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    New Mom Searching for Answers

    Hi everyone, This has been a hurry up and wait process and I'm searching for support. I delivered a baby girl via c section 3 months ago. She is my second baby. My first night in the hospital I noticed my forehead muscle spasming. Thinking it was due to stress, I put it off. I was having what...
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    ALS on a teenager? Surface EMG?

    AGE: 18 Sex: M Height: 5'3 Weight: 75 kg Race: Asian Duration of complaint: 2 years and 2 months since i first twitched My twitch started 2 years ago and now it's all over my body mostly on my left foot no weakness though but I can twitching. Like when I put my feet on a cross position it gets...
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    Please help me Im going nuts with fear

    I have drop foot started 2 weeks ago had a normal mri and nerve conduction test and emg. But Im going crazy thinking I have ALS cause now I have all these symtoms my legs age twitching i feel shaky and my foot is numb the Neurologist said is peroneal neropathy. Please can symtoms come on this fast.
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    Whats going on with me

    Hello everyone, This is Ismail here. I am 28 year old musician. I started having weird symptoms around one year ago, like nystagmus(i did have minor strabismus before. Started having problems with my speech which would aggerivate when under influence of cannabis.Then about 5 months ago this...
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    Please help me I'm very scared

    Hi. I'm 53 year old female. About Jan through April of 2016, I had heavy legs, horrible fatigue. Around May of 2016, I started having bad twitches in calves and feet along with electric shock like feelings, buzzing, some painful. Went to doc, B12 and D were very low. Given high dose D and B12...