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  1. K

    Club membership at hand

    Well, damn. My local neurologist, after two months of elimination tests, has now indicated likely NMD, with ALS being the most likely candidate. He basically kicked the can down the road and referred me to Dr. Pulley at Jacksonville Shands. We see him in late April for a second EMG and opinion...
  2. D

    Neuro App this week..........concerns! Hi all, I first posted on this forum 17th October last year (see link) with a vast array of symptoms that I have after time realised that the majority of them were down to my...
  3. R

    Sharing the road

    My Pals started a downward spiral 30 days ago. Could no longer talk, appetite diminished, slept 14-15 hours at night and often a long nap in the afternoon. I asked twice if she wanted our granddaughters to come decorate for Christmas and never got a response. I had them cone out anyway and she...
  4. Chincoteaguer

    Started the morphine

    Started giving Sibyl morphine @ 4pm yesterday. Instructions say 0.5 ML every 4 hours but I waited until 3:30 this morning for the second dose. Also giving her lorazepam after discussing with hospice nurse. She is resting comfortably but very shallow breathing. Thru the tube the morphine...
  5. Buckhorn

    Just a bit over 4 month's in S/P

    Hi all. Just checking in. Nov. 4th was the 4 month anniversary of Dave's passing. I miss him every single day, but, I will admit ....... less so as time goes by. I think of him, or of phrases he would say, or things I knew he would want to talk about, multiple times per day. I have conversations...
  6. T

    Nuedexta as needed?

    Does anyone take this drug as needed, for example when planning to be around people, etc. or take it on a different schedule than manufacturer recommendations? I did a search but couldn’t find any information. I started a half dose (one pill) last week and within 24 hours noticed a definite...
  7. Kristina1

    disagreement with my husband/cals about end of life decisions

    This is mainly a vent.. We are still working on discussions for writing up an advanced directive. My doctor is referring us to a palliative care doctor to help facilitate those discussions and make final decisions. While talking about this I told my husband when the time comes I DO want a...
  8. I

    Husband newly diagnosed

    Hello Everyone, we’re having a really rough day today so I decided it’s time for me to reach out. My husband got his first diagnosis 5/21/18 and a second opinion confirmed it 6/14. He started noticing weakness in his arms on one side just after Thanksgiving. It then progressed to the other...
  9. T

    Question about end game planning

    Hi, this is probably the wrong place to post this, but I don't know where to put it and am comfortable in the vets threads. :) I am working on estate planning, not because I am in my end game, but because everyone should, incase they are hit by a bus. I apologize that this is a sensitive...
  10. J


    Well, I had a pretty epic meltdown this morning. Nothing all that significant happened, but boy did the flood gates open. DH had just called me to get him up. He asked for a good morning kiss. As I layed my head on his chest for a hug, I just completely lost it. Sobbing tears. The kind...

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