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    Relieved, but not sure if I believe.

    We visited the neurologist today (follow up from the abnormal EMG). Neurologist believes this is *NOT* ALS. (omg, I am so relieved!). He thinks that the gait/ balance issues are a result of damage to her spine b/c of compression & scar tissue. He said if there was damage in the cervical spine...
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    Pick's Disease?

    So I just learned tonight that my great-aunt had Pick's disease. Does anyone know anything about this (I guess it is a type of FTD?) and relation to ALS? I imagine the association is FTD with ALS, but I just wanted to scout out any info you might have as we see the neurologist tomorrow morning...
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    My Dad and ALS

    Hi Everyone, my name is Oen. I'm here for the first time today, and found this site while looking for more information about ALS and dementia. I have already found much useful stuff here and what seems a warm and thoughtful group of humans. Thank you in advance for that. My dad is 77 and was...