physical therapy!

  1. KimT

    Exercise and Physical Therapy experience

    I decided to write a couple of things I've experienced since my diagnosis with the hope that it might help someone else avoid doing what I did. First, I'm LMN dominant and progressing very slowly. In 2018 I was still walking a mile a day but couldn't get my heart rate in the zone (I was...
  2. H

    put post in wrong place

    please look into thread: physical therapy. need help or answers to help my ALS friend deal with his children's refusal to believe.
  3. K

    hopeangel66 post from other thread

    hopeangel66 posted this under the thread Physical therapy!, when it was suggestion that they might want to start their own thread rather than post something completely unrelated there they got snippy and claimed they didn't know how, so here it is, done for them. Believe me when I say I'm not...
  4. skipper66

    Physical therapy!

    I was wondering if physical therapy helps any for a ALS patient?