1. Colleen15

    Saliva & phlegm

    Bulbar onset. Having a huge issue with this at night. I do have a suction machine. Does anyone keep it near their bed and use it every time they wake up? During the day I have it under control, sipping water. I do avoid dairy & acid. Thank you.
  2. Colleen15

    Bulbar onset - phlegm

    Bulbar onset, diagnosed March 2023. I Had a huge issue choking on phlegm today, after drinking tomato juice. Could not breath. What foods are best to avoid? And medications to reduce phlegm? Thank you.
  3. S


    Hi, I know I have been here before but I just have a quick question and I don’t want to google.... I have body wide fasics- for over a year, no weakness but feel like I have mouth throat pnd drip issues, constant phlegm. My question- when someone has bulber, and they have bodywide...
  4. F

    Thick phlegm

    Hi Can anyone help ? My husband 65 years young, (ex Indian Navy), physically very active till diagnosed and even after, has pseudo bulbar palsy. Diagnosed May 2017. The last couple of months he has lower limb weakness- uses a walker. Is on Edaravone and Rilutor. Of late he has thick phlegm...
  5. B

    Shall I seek out Nuero

    Good afternoon Thank you all for what you do. 34 yo male. I have read sticky but curious the communities thoughts. I have had Phlegm in my throat for 2 months now causing coughing and hacking. Cant really get anything up and its clear when I do but seems like it is always there. Recently...
  6. M

    Several Issues, Need advice

    Hi. I am 37 to make who has developed a lot of twitching and muscle pain in the past few months. I herniated a disc in my lower back last December, so I have had lots of sciatic pain/leg and foot numbness and tingling from that. I developed severe anxiety and started having panic attacks this...
  7. L

    Seeking help on my symptoms, scared and depressed

    Hello all, I am desperately seeking for help regarding my symptoms. Doctors do not seem to listen to me or take me seriously so it would be really appreciated if anyone with the knowledge of ALS symptoms could help me. I am an immigrant living in Canada, Toronto, 26 years old female...
  8. A

    Inquiry about Respiratory Onset ALS

    I have read the “Read Before Posting” section and must admit that I do not have clinical weakness. However, my symptoms are not typical of limb onset ALS, but rather respiratory onset (or perhaps thoracic?). Quick information about me, I am a 30-year-old male. I completely understand the...
  9. Q

    Feeling guilty

    Hi, My mother has als and she is in her late stages. Is it wrong to think that i want this to be over? I just feel so stressed seeing her like this and I am tired and I just want to continue my life. I have a 5 month old baby and a wife and I feel my life is put hold on. I just feel guilty...
  10. C

    Still having problems

    Hi I’ve posted twice before but the threads have closed! I’m still having problems with my speech which is my main concern nobody has mentioned it to me but during conversation I can see them screwing up there face as if to say what are you on about! My nose feels constantly blocked but no...