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    Hi everyone, i have a couple of questions?well maybe 3 questions. My brother is in the process of being diagnosed for als.neuros are 99% sure. He has bulbar symptoms.they say it could pbp.what is the prognosis for pbp? Has anyone heard anything else about the cancellation of the dex...
  2. Ms. Pie

    Please sign our petition if you haven't already!

    We need 10,000 signatures to be heard! Please spread the word and if you haven't signed yet, will you please? We've a long way to go and not much time. Thank you! ** removed email/address harvesting **
  3. S

    Treat Us Now

    Dear Fellow ALS Patients, Friends and Family, I think we really have a chance here to make change within FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. The premise is this: we know ALS is a killer so why not put drugs in the hands of patients Now... If you agree with this premise, please click the...
  4. D

    contact someone you know

    It really astounds me that with all the PALS in the US and Canada alone, that there is only 2000+ signatures on the ** url removed email/address harvesting ** petition. I know the petition is sort of new.But we are all living with this Monster everyday! Lets fight folks!Please if you can contact...
  5. Sequoia

    Pals, couldn't get into drug Trials? Try this!

    Hello pals and cals...were you turned down for one of drug trial because you couldn't pass the breathing test, or were diagnosed for too long? Try this, what have you got to loose? The ALS- Treat Us Now! Steering committee) is initiating a Pilot 1 initiative to allow early access to...
  6. E

    Accelerate Drug availability....join us

    Much to look forward to in the way of new treatments in 2012. Help speed the process of making them available. Please sign our petition.... and volunteer to help our 7 person Steering Committee.....many easy ways to hour /week is all it takes.
  7. E

    ALS-Treat us Now!

    Sequoia suggested and she is correct...see her suggestion and the 1500+ post she is referencing here below: Ed Ed this is great news 1500+ I just hope that everyone on this Forum will sign the petition. I sent a Christmas letter to all my contacts asking them to sign. But I see that not many...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Ted and I know 2012 will be the year we reach a tipping point...from ...there is no cure,... to many trials already showing Treatments that work...join us by signing our petition and volunteering to help, or recruiting someone to help. Our Mission...
  9. E

    Dexpramipexole, Dr Apell, and treat a PALS now?

    To see why the Treat Us Now petition is so important read what Dr Apell says in this announcement that just came in from Google Alerts...all about Dexpramipexole, you may have already seen it, but a new one for me.. Neurology Today: Encouraging Phase 2 Results for Dexpramipexole for ALS Prompt...
  10. E

    1300 +, 12/16 update

    12/16 update Corporate Citizens: Authorize and Make Available Compassionate Use Drugs for ALS Patients NOW!' Sent on: December 16, 2011 1341 signatures, 1243 recipients Thanks to everyone who has signed and then sent our (your) petition to many family, friends, and strangers for...