1. chally

    New PWC

    VA delivered a new F 5. Permobil with more " bells" than ms. Murphys cow. This is a bad machine! More inclined for hard top surfaces like streets. My older frontier is for going off trails,both are great rides. The F5 was handling great yesterday on its maiden voyage ! Steve you'd really...
  2. C

    FS: Permobil M300 3G power wheelchair

    This Wheelchair is in good used condition It has 153 miles of gentle use on it, everything works great on it. It has been fully professionally cleaned and sanitized ready for the new owner. Price is $3500 which includes handling and delivery to your doorstep. If you are interested contact me...
  3. N

    F3 Corpus and Tobii eye gaze

    I'm selling a Permobil F3 wheelchair with power functions: It was fitted for a 5'4" woman but never used. For pickup in NYC. Also I have a Tobii PCEye Go and Surface Pro eye gaze package for sale. This I can ship anywhere in the US...
  4. Buckhorn

    What must physician write on script for Roho cushion & assistant driving controls?

    What must physician write on script for Roho cushion & assistant driving controls? We will be going to the ALS clinic again soon. Since my husband can no longer effectively weight shift in his chair & lacks the arm strength to lift himself up to reposition, we will be asking for a script for a...
  5. swalker

    Update on Wheelchairs

    It has been awhile since I last posted about my wheelchairs. The threads where I posted are closed, so I am starting this one to share my experiences so far. My primary wheelchair, the Permobil C500s VS, is still in the shop. NuMotion has confirmed it needs new motor, gearbox, brakes, and...
  6. Buckhorn

    Help me find a generic phone mount for Permobil?

    Hello. I am wondering if any of you with a Permobil (my PALS' is a Corpus F3) can recommend a generic phone mount? I have looked at many websites but most seem to have mounts that are meant as a "handlebar" mount - for mounting on round structural tubing, or a clip on style. Permobil sells...
  7. J

    Power Wheelchairs and Tables

    They don't seem to mix. My hubby has trouble fitting his PWC under most standard height tables (30"). He has a Permobil F3 with the elevate function, which seems to make the seat/arm height higher. Even if I lift the arms and bring them back behind him (which he doesn't like - since then he...
  8. M

    Permobil f3 Corpus front drive wheelcair for sale

    It was made for petite woman or child she was 5'3". Chair will stand you up from sitting position and has ambidextrous control joystick.currently set to righthand drive
  9. NothingButLove

    Need help configuring new Permobil F3 power wheelchair

    I have some questions concerning a new power wheelchair I'm configuring for my wife. It's a Permobil F3 we're ording from Numotion. My main concerns are really the backrest and joystick type. Backrest Type: There's two backrests: "Corpus Ergo Back (C3GERGBCA)" and the "Solid Corpus Ergo Back"...
  10. M

    Tobii I-15 For Sale

    Out of the case twice, stand attachment and Permobil M 360 attachment. Charger and case included. Make an offer!