1. K

    Brand new Permobil

    Brand new Permobil C300 with Roho seat cushions (back and bottom plus a bottom spare) Has all of the standard features plus comes with a side arm for the chin switch. Has upgraded arm rests and attendant control. Comes with all books, charger and etc. Used less than five times. Not trying...
  2. P

    Permobil C 300 Chair for sale

    Full featured Permobil Electric chair for sale. $ 9,000 Original Price approached 30K. Less than a year old. Includes electric foot rest, tilt, back rest, and lift. Also includes an attendent control so a aide can operate all the functions or drive the chair while standing behind or beside...
  3. pvale

    12VDC Accessoies on power chair

    I can't be the only person who wants to run 12VDC accessories on a power chair with 24V battery system. Well, I am an electrical engineer, and there is a wrong way and a right way. The wrong way is to tap across the most negative battery. the extra load applied for 12 stuff will unbalance the...
  4. P

    Items for sale

    Permobil C300 Corpus II with Chin-Control. Seat TILT & Seat RECLINE Power Leg Elevation. Charger Ergonomic seat cushion. High ground clearance. asking 5,000 Etac shower chair Features: Padded seat and back Head rest Commode pan holder Hydrolic recline for comfort Foot rest asking 1,200...
  5. A

    permobil configuration?

    i'm getting a chair. the salesman connected to my clinic is pushing the permobil c300 with the eight-inch seat elevator option. he says that in the past medicare has covered 100%, but this year its supposed to change to 90%, plus they don't pay anything on the seat elevator and other...