1. R

    I'm a bit frightened

    So I'm not going to pretend I know alot about Als. I know it's something I'm scared of, something I dont want to have. However I have been experiencing nerve problems. Notably pain in both my arms, wrists and hands. Now I know it could be a lot of things, arthritis and carpul tunnel. I...
  2. M

    Platform Lift (Inside or out)

    My family is in the process of moving to a more accessible home... we are preparing for future needs w/bedroom and bath on main floor... we are exploring the possibility of a chair platform lift in the front living room to the basement or one in the rear of the house next to the deck... so I am...
  3. tripete

    2 Years ago - The End of Days

    Today marks the second anniversary of my first ALS diagnosis. We lived in Northeast Georgia at the time and had traveled home to Pennsylvania for the long Thanksgiving weekend. On Sunday of that weekend we drone form Pennsylvania down to see Dr. Pulley in Jacksonville, Florida for our Monday...
  4. tripete

    Questions; Lunasin and Dr. Bedlack (Duke)

    Since shortly after my diagnosis I feel that I have done a good job at accepting the terminal and destructive nature of this illness, stoic has been used to describe my acceptance of it. Recently there have been many post about the effectiveness of Lunasin in reversing the effects of this...
  5. F

    PLS Diagnosis

    Good afternoon, all! Well, I’m now over a year in the diagnostic process and just yesterday (following gallons of blood work, MRI’s, EMG’s and NCV) I have received a “working” diagnosis of PLS from the head of an ALSA clinic He was very clear that this is a “working” diagnosis only to the...
  6. tripete

    Lots of questions - Timeline and Symptoms

    Since my diagnosis (and before when it was hinted at) I have been trying to figure out what to expect and at what time interval. It has been extremely frustrating as all I can find are VERY broad generalities due to the nature of ALS. My symptoms began as follows; May 2013 lower pack pain...
  7. S

    Long Unexplained Symptoms

    Good afternoon - First, I appreciate all of the time and effort and sacrifice all of you put into these forums. Thank you for all you do for those with this disease, raising awareness and supporting each other and yourself and your families. I've been dealing with some disconcerting symptoms...
  8. K

    Walk to Defeat ALS Pittsburgh

    Hey everyone! My name's Ken, and I'm new to this forum. My father was diagnosed with ALS this past December, and it has definitely been a life-changing experience. I am a new graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and I'm currently involved in the Western PA chapter of the ALS Association...
  9. L

    ALS Diagnosis - But Noone has seen these symptoms?

    I am writing this post in hopes of finding someone with similar symptoms to mine and some idea of what might be happening to me. I have been diagnosed with ALS even though some of my symptoms do not fit the disease. I have seen three top ALS doctors who have said they have never seen symptoms...
  10. B

    Long Term Skilled Nursing Home?

    My dad (80) was just diagnosed by Mayo Clinic, Jax. Mom is 77 and both up until this point have been very fit, healthy and independent. Both have lived in Jax for 20 yrs. and have been patients of Mayo Clinic for many years and really have enjoyed Mayo's healthcare system. They are fortunate...
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