pending diagnosis

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    Pending diagnosis

    Hello, My husband is 39 and was told yesterday by the neurologist after his EMG that he has a motor neuron disease but doesn't know which one yet. The neurologist told my husband that the disease could stop with just the weakness he's experiencing only in his left hand, or could get worse, he...
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    Sick and frustrated /pending diagnoses

    You are an amazing group. Your posts have helped me through a very rough three months of symptoms and no diagnosis. After ending up in a ball in my backyard weeping 30 minutes ago, it seemed a good enough time for my first post. Perhaps given the length of my first post, I will be banned from...
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    3 months to live

    I have concluded it is best to always be prepared for dying with a will etc., having things in order at any age, but not to prepare because you are given a death sentence. It is no different than death row to me. With 1 to 3 months and a 2nd opinion of 3 months it does not bring any calmness to...