peg tube

  1. Colleen15

    Peg tube question

    I got tube a week ago. I like to drink iced coffee by mouth, but then I see coffee backing up in my tube. Any solutions to this? Thanks
  2. Tomswife

    Glass measuring vial with thin spout

    I wanted a measuring cup that is glass and has a very thin spout. And I wanted a device that would be dedicated to the tube feeding/meds and nothing else. I use it for Isosource and also Relyvrio. From the 77L store on Amazon. Glass Measuring Cup, [Insulated handle, V-Shaped Spout], 77L...
  3. Tomswife

    Peg tube placement - inside out.

    Tom is scheduled for his PEG tube November 23. Because he has bulbar weakness he cannot recline more than 60 degrees. Therefore the typical way the tube is placed "outside in " will not be used. His procedure will be done at the Center for Digestive Disease. He will be placed under general...
  4. lisa g

    Peg tube

    Has anyone with a peg been told that they can no longer swim in a pool? I went to the surgeon for a follow up on the Peg I had placed in April. I asked him to trim the tube because it was too long to cover with the tegaderm film before I go in the pool. His response was no swimming or using the...
  5. D

    Peg tube people - anyone still sore/oozing? And bra issues?

    I've had mine since September and it's still oozing stuff daily. (not leaking, just wound oozing) and it's always sore around the peg. hurts! Thinking of getting into the Dr to see if there's anything topical to put on it to help it heal or whatever, Plus I'm a large chested female and HAVE to...
  6. B

    Peg Tube -

    I now have one for when I need it later. Although I was my surgeon's first ALS patient, the technique is the same.. Everything went perfectly. Can't ask for more than that. My complaint is the throat spray😲. It suddenly felt as if I had swallowed 😱 drain cleaner - or like I would expect it...
  7. P

    Awful acid reflux with PEG tube

    I have severe bulbar onset ALS that seems to be rapidly progressing. Dx’d 3/2020 and arms/shoulders and legs very weak. I have had a PEG tube since 10/2020. Using Kate Farms 1.4 or 1.0. Last several weeks have had severe acid reflux. Tried Prevacid 10 mg twice a day; no impact. Now using 30 mg...
  8. S

    PEG tube for respiratory onset

    Would anyone not recommend a PEG for a respiratory onset PALS? My brother was first diagnosed in August 2019, and seems to be progressing reasonably slowly from what j can gather. No one, neither his doctor nor his partner, has encouraged him to get a tube, even though weight loss and eating...
  9. S

    PEG tube question for women

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Bulbar Onset about 7 months ago. I am still able to eat some things, but they recommended that I get the PEG now, while I’m still fairly fit. My problem is that they situated under my breast, which is large. When I sit, my breast covers it, and it gets irritated. I...
  10. N

    PEG tube > now I can't control my bowels?!

    hello, I have had a feeding tube now for about a week. I am strictly on the formula diet (i haven't tried pureeing Foods yet) and I haven't been able to control my bowels,. Everyday, sometimes twice a day I'm having accidents. Is this how it is going to be from now on? I feel trapped now like I...