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    My mom got the idea to give Jenn Pedialyte for her dehydration. Does anyone see anything wrong with this? We are waiting for doctor to get back to us but we don't know when that will be. Thank you!
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    The many "cures" for ALS

    Ok I probably get this more than most...because my family simply does not accept the fact that I have a terminal disease...but I am sick and tired of hearing it. "You need to drink more water, You need to eat more at meals." "If you just took in more protein in your diet you would be...
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    What to expect?

    I am new to this forum. I stumbled across it while doing some research for a dear friend who was diagnosed roughly two years ago with ALS. Her ALS started in her legs and then to her arms and now has taken her whole body. She had her last doctors appointment about 4.5 months ago and at that...